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New Ex products general catalogue

Scame releases the new Ex PRODUCTS general catalogue, dedicated to installation in areas with potentially explosive atmosphere for the presence of gas and / or combustible dust.

Enclosures, junction boxes, control stations, switch disconnectors, interlocked sockets and related plugs, IECEx II 2GD (Gas & Dust) certified by leading international certification bodies such as IMQ and INERIS and EAC Ex from the Russian laboratory CCVE.

There are many new features in this edition starting from the new ZENITH-S Series of stainless steel enclosures for Zone 1, which can also be configured as junction boxes or command and control stations, up to the ADVANCE-GRP [EX] Series of interlocked sockets as preconfigured distribution assemblies, for zone 21-22, under ATEX Ex II 3D self-certification.


To ensure maximum readability, the catalogue is clearly divided into chapters according to the category of use of the products (Gas & Dust-Dust), always introduced by exhaustive technical / standard data sheets per Series of product.


All embellished with a completely renewed ATEX guide, a useful tool for deepening and updating for the professional.


Find out more about Scame's Ex products offer.

Published on 29 Jun 2020

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