SCAME products are suitable for installation in many environments, from residential to heavy industry, even in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. Let's see together the main application areas, with their specific characteristics and a selection of products that are ideal for satisfying them.

Construction site

Resistance, safety and portability are what guarantee the SCAME’s distribution assemblies in an harsh environment like the construction site is, where sun, rain, dust and mud...

Entertainment industry

The quality of SCAME products in a selection dedicated to entertainment industry, be they outdoor concerts, arenas or theaters. Industrial plugs and socket outlets of the OPTIMA Series, fast to wire and shock-proof...

Terminal container

Resistance is a fundamental requirement in a harsh and exhausting environment like a terminal container where sun, humidity, saltiness and temperature changes put a strain on any product...

Heavy Duty application

Steel industry, terminal containers, ports or mines are environments that put a strain on any material and therefore require particularly resistant and high-performance products...

Oil & Gas

The products dedicated to installations in potentially explosive atmospheres proposed by SCAME fall within the scope of the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU. Referring to the Atex classification of the environments, SCAME offers solutions for area...


Energy for your home, in total safety, comfort and style. For daily connection needs, Scame offers a series of plugs and sockets, adapters, multiple sockets and cable reels in the main Italian and European standards...


Provide electricity to the camper or caravan in total safety thanks to the KIOSK Series distribution pedestals specific for camping and other public areas . Their structure in thermoplastic material, stainless steel...

Wineries, food & beverage

Industrial electrical plugs and socket outlets, distribution boards and switch-disconnectors. Four of the main ingredients for the food and processing industry, which guarantee unrivaled productivity and security...

Data center

The need for continuous and reliable feeding. In a technological world like today's, data centers have a fundamental importance, without us being able to do many of the operations that we do through a PC or smartphone...


Providing energy to moored boats in port, this is the task of the KIOSK Series pedestals equipped with IEC socket outlets with or without interlocking, even with the "SAFE-IN", a special feature to prevent harmful contacts...

UL Products

The North American market and in general the countries that have adopted the UL Standard instead of IEC, specifically require UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc) certified products. The SCAME offer...
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