Terminal container

Resistance is a fundamental requirement in a harsh and exhausting environment like a terminal container.
SCAME products are ideal for installations where sun, humidity, saltiness and temperature changes put a strain on any product.
Reliability is the same fundamental when it comes to ensuring continuity of supply to refrigerated containers, otherwise the goods in them will deteriorate.

SCAME offers a full range of plugs and socket outlets in 3h configuration for the supply of refrigerated containers: OPTIMA Series plugs and sockets, flush or surface mounting interlocked socket in OMNIA Series, PROXIMA and ADVANCE2 Series of interlocked socket outlets in thermoplastic material or, ADVANCE-GRP Series of interlocked sockets in thermosetting GRP material of to offer maximum resistance to shocks and atmospheric and chemical agents.

Everything can be modulated on the DOMINO distribution assemblies or MEGA Series distribution boards for the composition of combination units with extreme flexibility.
The status of the sockets can be checked remotely using the ADVANCE-GRP AMR (Automated Meter Reading) interlocked socket outlets that integrate a data logger for measuring the energy itself, load management, check plug presence, sending alarms, etc .
Port of Santos terminal container – Brazil

Port of Santos terminal container


The Brazilian Port of Santos is the largest port in South America, handling over 90 million tons of cargo per year. with a storage capacity for almost 5.9 million barrels (700 thousand cubic meters) of liquid bulk cargo and over...

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Dubai metro - EAU

Dubai metro


Dubai Metro is a modern and fully automated rail system with red and green lines, providing a vast number of features and services for the convenience of the users. Both lines have state-of-art modern designs, providing many great features...

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Megaproject program - Egypt

Megaproject program


Egyptian Government launched Megaproject, an ambitious program to increase its power generation capacity and contribute to the economic development of the country, by setting up several Combined Circle Power Plants...

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Fertilizers factory - Romania

Fertilizers factory


Fertilizers are essential for the modern agricultural industry. They allow to create, reconstitute, preserve or increase soil fertility... 

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Telefe datacenter - Argentina

Telefe datacenter


TELEFE (Televisión Federal) is one of the biggest TV Network Companies in Argentina. Active since 1961, on 2016 the company built a new and hi-tech datacenter with more than 100 server racks. According to an energy distribution...

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