Fabbrica di fertilizzanti - Romania

Fabbrica di fertilizzanti - Romania

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Fertilizers factory – Romania


Junction boxes in classified areas.

Fertilizers are essential for the modern agricultural industry.
They allow to create, reconstitute, preserve or increase soil fertility.
The chemical fertilizers, also known as mineral fertilizers, are obtained by extraction or by physical and/or chemical industrial processes. Both are classified based on the type of nutrient and the nutrient content. About 74% of the fertilizers used are composed of nitrogenous fertilizers, but in some cases this percentage rises to 90% . Nitrogen fertilizer is the most widely used of all.
So, as it always happens when chemical substances are involved, their production has a risk factor related with the development of potentially explosive atmospheres.
That’s why in the new production plant of the Romanian site of Ameropa multinational Company, for classified areas they chose products like Scame ZENITH-P Series juncion boxes, which guarantee the highest possible level of safety for installations in zones 1/2 and zones 21/22.
Safety emphasized also by the GRP (Flass reinforced polyester) thermosetting material adopted for the enclosure, able to offer maximum resistance to high and low temperature, fire, chemical agents and to mechanical stress due to impact.