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In the mid-80s Scame presented the first system adapter in history, uniting two apparently irreconcilable worlds with hitherto unknown security: the industrial and the domestic one.
A true revolution that over time led to the development of an entire range of adapters in various configurations, known and appreciated as the ADAPTO Series.
A range which has now undergone a profound technical and aesthetic update to reaffirm its role as a point of reference.
Renovated simple system adapters and 2 or 3-way industrial adapters now with more ergonomic bodies for a better grip, embellished with a practical integrated eyelet to allow hanging for suspended uses where a free work island is needed. Available with IP44 or IP66/IP67/IP69 protection rating, the latter are equipped with a socket cover with ring indicating the open and closed position and a captive gasket, therefore perfect for the multiplication of energy distribution lines even in the presence of dust , water or mud, typical features of a construction or demolition site.
Safety, practicality and flexibility which we also find in the versions equipped with cable and plug, originally with cable available in sizes 2-5 or 10m.

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