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Scame's offer of Ex products is enriched with a range of switched interlocked connectors, named OPTIMA-EX[GD] Series, suitable for use in environments with Ex classified as zone 1/Gb and 2/Gc (due to the presence of gas, vapors and mists of group IIC) and/or zone 21/Db and 22/Dc (due to the presence of combustible dust of group IIIC).
The socket body, made of thermoplastic material reinforced with glass fibre, ensures an impact resistance of 7J even at low temperatures, while its design facilitates wiring operations on the one hand, allowing simple access to the mantle type terminals of the internal non-sparking switch, on the other hand it always guarantees a safe grip even when wearing work gloves.
In addition, the padlockable knob guarantees greater safety during maintenance and use.
The OPTIMA-EX[GD] mobile switched interlocked connectors, available in two sizes of 16A and 32A with 2P+T, 3P+T and 3P+N+T polarity, are equipped with an insertion key (as required by the IEC EN 60079-0) which allows coupling only with plugs of the same series, thus preventing the connection of devices not suitable for Ex environments.

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