01/02/2023, 10:37

Scame Parre - 60th Anniversary

2023 represents for SCAME PARRE S.p.A, head of SCAME GROUP, the 60th anniversary of the foundation.
An important milestone, achieved with the awareness of the validity of what has been done so far, sealed by the recent achievement of the Historic Mark of National Interest, combined with the certainty that we still have a lot to say and do.

From these assumptions the choice to represent, through the celebratory logo of the event, a cycle graphically far from closing crossed by a story still in the process of being written.

A story made up of pages of tenacity, respect, curiosity, openness and innovation.
Solid pillars on which the company has been able and able to build its ability to always look to the future, striving to make it more usable, safe and sustainable for everyone.
An anniversary therefore that does not represent a point of arrival, but a starting point.
An anniversary that will also be an opportunity to meet those who have accompanied the company in various ways on this first, albeit significant, part of the journey.

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