08/05/2024, 09:39

ISOLATORS-TP Series EMC versions


The Scame range of switch-disconnectors with thermoplastic enclosure is expanding.
It does so with the new EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) versions equipped with a metal plate and EMC shielding clips which allow the electrical continuity of the cable shielding to be maintained where there may be electromagnetic disturbances caused by the ever-increasing diffusion of frequency converters (VFDs) used in motor drives for starting and increasing efficiency.
The electromagnetic disturbances caused by these devices have increased significantly over the years, causing interference or failures in electrical systems by spreading mainly through interconnection cables between devices within electrical panels or machinery.
The switch-disconnectors of the ISOLATORS-TP Series EMC versions are the ideal solution to guarantee continuity of the shielding thanks to the metal plate, also adding ease of wiring thanks to the special EMC shielding clips which do not require tools or particular operations for correct use, also compensating for any imprecise stripping as well as reducing overall dimensions of the connection of the shielding braid to the continuity plate.

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