Telefe Datacenter

 Powering the datacenter of an important TV network

TELEFE (Televisión Federal) is one of the biggest TV Network Companies in Argentina.
Active since 1961, on 2016 the company built a new and hi-tech datacenter with more than 100 server racks.
According to an energy distribution architecture typical of datacenters, power was coming from the above the server cabinets, but this peculiar allocation of the power source had to match with criteria of ergonomy and ease of use.
That’s why TELEFE opted for EUREKA series of industrial socket outlets with 90° angled outlet, choosing it in IP66/IP67 version for extra protection. Powering a server, despite of UPS, it’s a very sensitive matter: the minimum malfunctioning in the energy supply can generate dangerous disruption to the network. To avoid any risk the company opted for Scame in reason of its high performing products.
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