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Protection device to guarantee the safety of people in public areas.

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Playgrounds, markets or campsites are all situations in which the distribution of energy necessarily takes place in contexts in direct contact with children, the elderly or in general people who are not prepared against the risk factors of electricity.

The industrial power sockets of the OPTIMA Series with "SAFE-IN" device guarantee a higher level of safety compared to common industrial sockets, avoiding dangerous situations.

The "SAFE-IN" device acts like the protection installed on the domestic taps, imposing the entry into the socket cells through a special plastic shutter and thus preventing the accidental and voluntary contact of the live parts of the socket with thin objects, such as example of wires or screwdrivers.

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The opening of the protection shutters takes place automatically and without further measures, by the simultaneous action of all the plug pins during the insertion operation in the socket.

This practicality is also used in production contexts such as industry and construction, preventing the widespread and dangerous practice of inserting the cable directly into the contact tubes without a suitable plug.

The intervention of this protection offers an additional guarantee of safety, in addition to that already provided by the spring cover mounted on the sockets.

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