Persico Stampi

Feeding machinery for rotational moulding

From 1976 Persico S.p.A. is synonymous with excellence. Born as a wood modeling shop, over the years it has been able to extend its activity to the production of molds and plants for thermoforming for the Automotive sector and of molds and rotational machinery for various sectors, earning both a world leading position.
Today Persico offers a series of broad-spectrum services mainly in the Automotive sector.
Such a level of technology does not allow room for error and needs total reliability so that the company motto "Shaping ideas" can be realized in its maximum expression.
This is why the thermoforming lines and the mold testing systems in the ultra-modern production plant in Nembro (BG) are powered by Scame interlocked sockets ADVANCE-GRP Series made of GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) thermosetting material in sizes from 16 to 125A.
​​​​​​​Because the excellence of the result can be guaranteed only through the excellence of the production process, in every detail and component starting from the supply of the energy that moves everything.
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