Natural Gas Compressors in Pumping Station

Areas with explosive atmosphere due to the presence of gas

A well known multinational company, worldwide leader for tyres production, has in Romania one of its production plants of excellence, able to produce more then 50 million tyres in 10 years of activity, merging quantity and quality in a unique way.
The industrial complex is one of the world’s most modern plants for the manufacturing of high-performance tyres: production is here primarily focused on premium segment tyres (Winter, UHP Winter, High-Performance, Ultra-High-Performance, runflat and SUV) and supplies not only the replacement market but also the most prestigious European car manufacturers in the original equipment market.
Everything in the factory speaks about excellence end it’s the result of studied decisions, even when it comes to details in the service areas.
Stating like that, it’s not a surprise to find ADVANCE-GRP [GD] installed in the battery rooms, where fork lifts and other electric vehicles batteries are temporary stored for charging operations.
In battery rooms the emission of hydrogen into the environment which is generated by the electrolysis of water generates a serious risk of explosion, especially when its concentration reaches 4%.
​​​​​​​With ADVANCE-GRP [GD] interlocked sockets for hazardous areas, any risk is prevented: the special no-sparking switch disconnector grants connection and disconnection operations in complete safety even in Zone 1-2 and 21-22, while the GRP thermosetting material of the housing  guarantees excellent mechanical resistance to impacts and chemical agents.
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