Expo 2021

E-mobility charging stations

Scame has installed 47 electric vehicle charging stations located in the 2 main buildings connected to Al Wasl Plaza, the central hub of EXPO 2020 Dubai (postponed to 2021 due to the Covid19 pandemic).
Located in the new Dubai Trade exhibition center, the core of the site is Al Wasl square, which takes up the old name of Dubai which means "connection". From it, like large petals, the three thematic areas of the event unfold: Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility.
In accordance with these three inspiring values, all the avenues around the thematic areas and Al Wasl Plaza itself will be covered with photovoltaic awnings that will produce over 50% of the energy required by the entire exhibition site, accessible via 750 zero-emission buses and within which the movements will be guaranteed by a cableway.
There are many reasons that led EXPO 2020 Dubai to choose Scame as an integral part of what, in addition to being an ambitious project, is configured from every point of view as the vision of a future scenario.
The twenty-year experience of the company in the electric mobility sector is certainly decisive, a field in which it plays a role of real first believer, guaranteeing effective pre and post sales support and highly qualified personnel both at the parent company level, in Italy, that of the local branch, Scame Parre Spa Branch, in Dubai.
​​​​​​​Not a secondary factor is the high quality and reliability of Scame solutions, an expression of the highest Italian manufacturing, starting with the design signed by the prestigious Trussardi + Belloni Design studio.
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