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Vertical interlocked sockets

Nested Applications

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The clean and linear lines reduce the possibility of accumulation of water and dirt and increase the impact resistance.

Disappearing switchboard opening system.

Recessed knob to protect it from accidental impacts.

Lids and ring nuts with clear indication of open / closed status with latch in the open position to guarantee the IP54 degree of protection without tightening the ring nut.

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Nested Applications

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Nested Applications



All the panel mounted sockets are pre-wired with connection cables with the protections in the switchboard of the modular bases / boards.

This allows:

- time saving for the preparation and wiring of the connection cables between the socket and the protection switch.

- economic savings for the cables already supplied.

The wall sockets are equipped with a box with an enlarged wiring area and blank sides with drilling centers.

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Nested Applications

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The external fixing points eliminate the need to drill the panel inside, speeding up installation and preventing the risk of potential loss of the degree of protection.

The slotted and open lower fixing points can be used as a support during the panel leveling phase, speeding up and making wall installation operations easier.

The modular bases with 2 and 3 sockets are also equipped with a special metal bracket to hang the already wired panel on the wall, allowing you to level and mark the fixing holes.

Nested Applications

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A flexible enclosure system consisting of single panel mounted boxes, modular bases with junction box or switchboard and distribution boards with switchboard.

The availability of flange adapters allows the installation in the PROXIMA System of OPTIMA Series industrial plugs and sockets or DOMO and DOMOPLUS Series watertight domestic plugs and sockets.

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