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British standard Home Automation, decoratives and white series.

Scame offers a complete range of switches, control devices and socket outlets for fixed installation, flush or surface mounting in residential and tertiary sector.

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Testo opera


An home automation system aims to simplify life.

This is why with Opera we have developed functions that are easy to program and use, capable of making available to you endless service possibilities that perhaps you may not have even imagined. 
All the functions of Opera system can be controlled from a supervisor or a soft-touch keypad. A control pushbutton with an elegant and discreet look that fits in well in any environment, embellished by the blue light of the LEDs that makes the panel always easy to find under all conditions of use.
Power is nothing without control. Control is nothing without style.


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Nexta testo


Clean lines, attractive appearance and perfect operation: this is the charm of functionality in a kaleidoscope of colors to match any mood.
Scame concentrates the creativity of Italian designers and the skills of highly experienced engineers to make available to consultants, architects and designers a full range of trendy
products that will be appreciated by contractors and installers for ease of installation and reliability and by the end users for aesthetics and usability.

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testo mia


The same SCAME quality as always, with a young and fresh look.
Essential features, enhanced by the elegant white colour, capable of discretely meeting all expectations.
A beauty that is never shown off, combined with reliability without compromises, makes Mia a perfect life companion, always ready to comply with any command.
MIA: all that matters.


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Futura testo


Moulding metal to obtain thrilling forms. This is the purpose of the Futura series: to integrate into any prestigious furnishing context, enhancing the architect’s choices.

The use of the noblest stainless steel, the precious finishes, meticulous assembly and reliable components make it a winner for any prestigious application.
A model to meet any furnishing need whatsoever.
For the Futura series, the design is definitely an extra gear.

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Evolve testo


The taut lines of Evolve’s design look at the future, when formal cleanliness is combined with the technical consistency of a product intended to guarantee unchanging performances over time.

Minimal design, a statement of precise choice, in which soft contours and sharp edges harmoniously blend in, one with the other, to be pleasantly combined with modern and classical furnishings, yet without giving in to affected temptations.
Italian standard, italian style.



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Testo Protecta


When the requirement is for tecnology and beauty combined together, Protecta is the right answer.
An exclusive solution able to grant IP66 index of protection to control devices and socket outlet, even when plugged.
Under the unique elegance and ergonomics of the italian design, exclusive technical solutions and high quality raw materials.

Always grant reliability and safety even in the most demanding conditions of usage a tough in evening dress.