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Scame renews its ISOLATORS-TP series of enclosed switch disconnectos, giving strong discontinuity, in terms of design and technical contents, with everything on the market.

The high-visibility, extra-large knob, in addition to markedly characterizing the aesthetics of the product, ensures a secure grip in all conditions, even when wearing work gloves.

The choice to have it recessed instead, protecting it from possible accidental impacts, contributes to the achievement of the product's high mechanical strength IK09 index, together with the careful design of the casing and the choice of high performance technopolymers for its realization.

Design care that we also find inside: the ample space reserved for the wiring facilitates the installer's operations as well as the external fixing points always guarantee state-of-the-art installations without the possibility of compromising the IP66 / IP69 degree of protection of water jets at high pressure and high temperature.

Finally, the reversible base, equipped with threaded inlets on one side and a blind wall with drilling centers on the other, is able to meet any system requirement.

The heart of the system are the switches from 16 to 160A and from 1 to 8P, which can be equipped with a fuse-holder base or double auxiliary contact, able to perform the dual function of isolating electric lines and maneuvering highly inductive loads, maintaining their nominal current also in utilization category AC-23A - Maneuvering of motors or other highly inductive loads.


Published on 08 Jul 2019

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