Port of Genoa Terminal Containers

Reefer containers power supply

The Port of Genova is the biggest Italian port with a 700 hm2 area on the ground inclusive of two huge containers terminals, 500 hm2 of water area and 22 km of docks.
Consequently is also the most important in the country for the number of shipping lines and for final destination containers handling, overtaken for volumes handled only by the port of Trieste in recent years specifically for liquid bulk.
Its strategic position is a sort of natural gate to north western Italian regions and consequently the economic and commercial European district.
The quantity of containers is enormous and many of these are refrigerated for the storage of perishable goods, therefore appointed for a 24/7 functioning.
For this reason in one of the two container terminals, their feeding is granted by Scame ADVANCE-GRP interlocked socket outlet with AMR (Automated Meter Reading) funcionality embedded.
From one side the GRP thermosetting material of the housing is the perfect solution for such an harsh environment as a port is, due to presence of saltiness, humidity, high jumps in temperature, oils and other chemical agents.
​​​​​​​On the other end AMR functionality, working as a datalogger can track and keep all the quantitative and qualitative parameters related with the supplied current, at the same time sending alarm in case of any anomaly so to prevent any malfunction that could affect the stored goods.
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