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Scame Catalogo


Systems and components for industrial electrical installations

Industrial plugs and sockets, interlocked sockets, switches, enclosures, distribution boards and everything necessary for the fullfillment of a modern power distribution system. Scame offers a complete catalog of solutions for both traditional and heavy industry and construction sites.

Present in section 9 serie
3253 Products
Plugs, appliance inlets, connectors and socket outlets complying with IEC 60309 Standard specific for the industrial sector
1338 Products
Switch interlocked socket outlets for industrial sector complying with IEC 60309 Standard
67 Products
Automated Meter Reading for the smart industry
1202 Products
Switch disconnectors and change-over switches
773 Products
Consumer units, distribution assemblies and junction boxes complying with EN 60670 Standard
602 Products
Distribution assemblies for industrial and construction site sectors complying with EN 60439-1 Standard
133 Products
Easy or by more ways system adaptors
187 Products
Cable reels for industrial applications
45 Products
Mobile or fixed light fittings