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Combined Cycle Power Plants

Egyptian Government launched Megaproject, an ambitious program to increase its power generation capacity and contribute to the economic development of the country, by setting up several Combined Cicle Power Plants. Combined cicle is an advanced technology that improves efficiency and reduce environmental impact by re-using waste products with no additional fuel intake, leading to lower cost of operation.

Among the others, New Capital (4,8 GW production capacity), El Burullus (4,8 GW production capacity), West Damietta (5,0 GW capacity) and Assiut (10.0 GW) Combined Circle Power Plants raised during the last years by Orascom Construction in partnership with other primary international Companies.

Orascom, according to individual projects, has been appointed for engineering, supply, installation, erection, commissioning and startup of them as brand new plants or as a conversion of the previous single cycle based one.

For the on-site low voltage energy distribution, Orascom chose the quality of SCAME industrial interlocked socket outlets from ADVANCE 2 Series, industrial sockets from OPTIMA and EUREKA series, ISOLATORS switch disconnectors and ZENITH-P junction boxes for hazardous areas.

Even in an harsh environment such as the Egyptian desert with very high temperatures and subject to strong leaps, massive presence of dust and sand, as well as saltiness in the sites overlooking the Red Sea, the SCAME product face any challenge ensuring maximum reliability and safety.