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Distribution pedestals terminals for campsites and public areas

SCAME offers a complete range of pedestals for the distribution of energy and services in public access areas such as campsites, marinas and markets.

Configurable to specific customer needs, they offer different solutions for the design and materials of the enclosures.

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Pole-mounted versions of the KIOSK series are available in singlesided or double-sided versions.
The shock-proof, self-extinguishing engineering plastic enclosures are highly resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents and UV rays, and are mounted on a pole with a galvanised steel canopy coated with polyester epoxy paint.
They can be fitted with non-interlocked industrial sockets and include a special feature of a protection compartment that is automatically illuminated by means of a light sensor.

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KIOSK Series metal enclosures are manufactured from galvanised sheet metal or 316 L stainless steel, ensuring the highest degree of
resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, and corrosion generated by salt when marina installation is required.
Turret configurations are suitable for housing panels which, depending on the version, can be equipped with watertight domestic or industrial sockets, with or without interlock.

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KIOSK Series thermoplastic enclosures are manufactured from shockproof, self-extinguishing engineering plastics that are highly
resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents and UV rays.
They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations that can be equipped with watertight household or industrial sockets (with or without interlock) and with mains water, on request.
The range includes red versions for fire-fighting systems that can be equipped with a fire extinguisher or UNI 45 hose.

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Functionality of the KIOSK Series

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KIOSK Series pedestals are equipped with industrial socket outlets OPTIMA Series SAFE-IN,  SCAME exclusive.

This functionality, based on shutters that prevent free access to live parts, guarantees a higher level of safety than common industrial sockets, especially in environments where the presence of children or untrained persons against the dangers of electricity is possible ( public areas, playground, camping, open air markets etc.).

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KIOSK Series pedestals can be equipped with E-POWER industrial sockets on request.
E-POWER is an intelligent RFID-based socket that enables the distribution of energy or water solely and exclusively by authorised users by reading individual transponders, which are rechargeable via banknotes, coins or via a remote system using a decoder.
The E-POWER socket also permits the metering of water and energy consumption that is simple and effective, using a centralised control system.

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Sistema AMR


Also on request, the pedestals of the KIOSK Series can finally be integrated with the AMR (Automated Meter Reading) function which, operating as a data logger, measures and records over time the energy consumption of any user device.
Moreover, energy is measured not only in quantitative terms, but also in terms of quality: through constant monitoring of the system status and real-time reporting of any phase-related malfunction.
The AMR system is preset for load management, also from remote, either as a response to an alarm received or as the result of programming through the convenient calendar feature, which can be used to plan specific actions and activation/deactivation rules on a set day or at a set time.
This function is particularly useful for planning routine maintenance or for automatically modulating the energy supply in view of scheduled events.

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