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Smart sockets for glass processing

Glass processing reaches its excellence in Venice, whether it is artistic glass or industrial production, as in the case of Zignago Vetro S.p.A. which has been producing hollow glass containers since the 1950s, mainly for the food, cosmetics, high perfumery and special glass markets.
The expansion, started in 2018, of the ultra-modern plant in Fossalta di Portogruaro (VE), includes a set of industrial facilities such as warehouses, machinery, raw material and finished material depots, maintenance rooms and others, functionally connected to the Oven 1 bis, which, in continuous 24/7 operation will bring the average annual production of glass containers from 140,000 tons to about 249,000 tons.
For energy distribution in the glass treatment area, from recycling to blowing, 170 ADVANCE-GRP Series interlocked thermosetting sockets have been installed, due to the high mechanical resistance, heat and chemical agents that the make it suitable for a difficult environment like that of a glass industry, as well as for the convenience of the integrated I-device functionality that allows you to immediately check the status of the socket.
These outlets are added to the ADVR-GRP AMR (Automated Meter Reading) already installed in the historical compressor supply system. The AMR functionality, in addition to datalogging, allows the remote monitoring of all the quantitative and qualitative parameters of the energy supplied, remotely, signaling any anomalies in real time that could cause undesired stops in the production cycle in a context where, on the contrary, it must be guaranteed absolute continuity.