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Industrial electrical plugs and socket outlets, distribution boards and switch-disconnectors. Four of the main ingredients for the food and processing industry, which guarantee unrivaled productivity and security. The interlocked socket outlets of the ADVANCE-GRP Series, even in the UL certified version for the North American market, offer resistance and reliability in the most difficult environments even in the presence of low temperatures, oils and other aggressive substances. The IEC plugs and sockets of the OPTIMA and EUREKA-HD series are not afraid of cleaning operations with pressure water jets thanks to their high IP protection rating.

The watertight domestic socket outlets IP66 even with plug insterted of the DOMOPLUS and PROTECTA series allow the use of small single-phase devices in total safety.

The EASYBOX Series consumer units, base on an totally modular structure, thanks to the stainless steel casing, are particularly resistant to aggressive substances used for cleaning operations, a feature in common with the ISOLATORS Series of switch-disconnectors, always in stainless steel, which ensure the functioning of the machineries involved in the production while making maintenance operations secure at the same time.

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