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The products dedicated to installations in potentially explosive atmospheres proposed by SCAME fall within the scope of the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU. Referring to the Atex classification of the environments, SCAME offers solutions for areas classified as zones 1 and 2 due to the presence of explosive gases, and to zones 21 and 22, in the case of combustible powders such as sugars, flours, etc.

The interlocked socket outlets of the ADVANCE-GRP [GD] series and the isolators of the ISOLATORS-EX [GD] series for Zone 1 can be installed as a normal interlocked socket and a disconnector without the need for subsequent periodic checks. This is thanks to the "Ex de" increased safety method of protection, obtained through the adoption of a special non-sparking switch.

Certified “Gas and Dust” are the interlocked ADVANCE-GRP [GD] series made of thermosetting material, the OPTIMA-EX Series [GD] plugs, the ISOLATORS-EX Series [GD] switch-disconnectors and the junction boxes or control stations ZENITH-P Series. The offer includes the interlocked sockets of the ADVANCE-GRP [EX] Series, the OPTIMA-EX series plugs and the ISOLATORS [EX] Series switch-disconnectors, both in aluminum and in thermoplastic material.

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