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Junction boxes in termosetting material for applications in zone 1/2 (gas) and zone 21/22 (dust)

The junction boxes of the ZENITH-P series are designed to guarantee excellent mechanical resistance to impacts and to chemical agents, even under extreme atmospheric and temperature conditions, thanks to the glass-fiber reinforced polyester used (GRP), obtained by SMC technology which makes it virtually indestructible. Reliability and resistance make ZENITH-P junction boxes the most suitable products for applications in the oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The fixing points are inside the profile of the boxes, but outside the seal. The wall thickness allows the creation of entry holes using machine tools. The modular dimensions of the boxes and the coupling flanges allow a rapid construction of customized combined enclosures in a wide range of sizes and shapes. ZENITH-P boxes can also be supplied with drainage and breathing valves.

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