Scame Catalogue


BE-K Series

Pillars in powder-coatd aluminum with integrated battery compartment

BE-K is a range of e-bike charging stations made of powder coated-aluminium and characterized by high resistance to UV Rays and an high degree of protection from dust and water.
Equipped with domestic standard socket outlets, they have the sockets compartment protected by a door with key lock or electromagnetic lock with release via RFID, functional to house the battery charger and, in the specific versions, also the battery during the charging phase.
Available in the simplest «plug and play» mode or with access reserved only to authorized users, BE-K Series charging stations, according to the versions, can also be managed via Scame’s proprietary Management System or can be connected to an external e-mobility service provider via OCPP standard communication protocol.
The clean and essential lines, drawn by Trussardi+Belloni Design, make them the ideal choice in any context.

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