BE-W[2.0] Series

Wall boxes for electric vehicles recharging in AC
BE-W[2.0] is a range of wall boxes for electric vehicles recharging in AC alternating current up to 22kW equipped with a front socket or integrated cable fitted with a Type 2 connector.

​​​​​​​The user interface is ensured via local wifi app or LCD display, depending on the models: LITE, BUSINESS and PRO. Available with free or controlled access, BE-W[2.0] wall boxes can, depending on the versions, also be managed via the Scame Management System or be connected to an OCPP backend.


For the LITE versions of Scame wall boxes, designed for purely domestic use, the Scame E-Mobility local WiFi app is available, compatible with Android and iOS and downloadable from the main e-stores.

​​​​​​The Scame E-Mobility app projects the user into a new dimension of dialogue with the station, allowing full control of the recharging operations in an easy and intuitive way.

Through the Scame E-Mobility app it is in fact possible to:
  • ​​​​​​​ Authenticate the user enabling him to recharge
  • ​​​Monitor in real time and manage individual charging sessions
  • Schedule and program individual charging sessions
  • Manage Dynamic Power Management functioning mode
  • Download chaging sessions reports and history
  • Check the status of the charging station and change its operating mode.


The Dynamic Power Management function is an indispensable option in residential installations where the available power is limited. In this context, starting a recharging session of an electric vehicle while other electrical appliances are in operation (e.g. a washing machine) can cause an interruption in the power supply due to exceeding the contractual power.

The intelligent Dynamic Power Management function allows the wall box to dynamically modulate the current intended for recharging the electric vehicle based on the instantaneous consumption of all household appliances, avoiding power outages, all while also taking into consideration the current generated by photovoltaic panels or other renewable source, if any.

Once the Dynamic Power Management function has been activated, it is possible to set three different functioning modes.


Always recharge at full power

It uses the power available from the grid and any power generated by the local renewable source production plant, if any.


Green charging with no worries
It uses the power generated by the local renewable source plus a minimum contribution from the grid, predefined but which can be increased by the user, to make up for any drops in power, thus guaranteeing continuity of charge.
​​​​​​​This mode can only be selected in the presence of a local renewable source production plant (e.g. photovoltaic, wind…)


Green charging from renewable source only

It uses the power generated only by the local production plant from renewable sources (e.g. photovoltaic, wind…).
In this mode the charge is totally dependent on the state of generation of the renewable source and may be subject to suspensions such that the vehicle may not charge at the desired times.
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