Port of Santos terminal container

Reefer containers power supply

The Brazilian Port of Santos is the largest port in South America, handling over 90 million tons of cargo per year and with a storage capacity for almost 5.9 million barrels (700 thousand cubic meters) of liquid bulk cargo and over 2.5 million tons of dry bulk cargo.
According to recent statistics an impressive yearly quantity of containers has been handled in the six terminals of the Port of Santos The Tecon-1 Terminal handled over 889.6 thousand containers, Terminal 35 handled more than 302.7 thousand containers, Tecondi Terminal handled 265.5 thousand containers, Terminal 37 handled almost 177.3 thousand containers, while the Rodrimar Terminal 118.7 thousand containers. More than 17.3 thousand container were handled in other points of the port.
Such an overwhelming situation becomes even more critical when it comes to reefer containers, where continuity of supply is mandatory to preserve the perishable goods stored inside.
​​​​​​​To grant it reliable products are needed, moreover able to stand an harsh environmnets like a maritime terminal container where high temperature, high temperature fluctuation, UV rays, high humidity, saltiness and frequent movements of the forklifts can negatively affect any installed material if not tailored to the scope.
That’s why BTP (Brasil Terminal Portuario) has identified SCAME ADVANCE 2 Series of interlocked switchsocket outles as the solution meeting their needs, thanks to the high performing raw material adopted and the accurate design.
​​​​​​​A choice confirmed also during the enlargement of the port area, as the best in terms of functionality constant over time.
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