Couplers with increased safety
SCAME's Ex product offering is enriched through the expansion of the OPTIMA-EX[GD] Series with a new range of 16A and 32A couplers with 2P+E, 3P+E and 3P+N+E polarity, ATEX and IECEx certified in cat. Ex II 2GD from IMQ, therefore suitable for installation in environments with Ex classification zone 1/Gb and 2/Gc (due to the presence of gases, vapors and mists of group IIC) and/or zone 21/Db – 22/Dc (for presence of group IIIC combustible dust).
The socket body, with high thicknesses and made of thermoplastic material reinforced with glass fibre, ensures an impact resistance of 7J even at low temperatures and a very high chemical and oil resistance, as well as an IP66 protection level constant over time also thanks to the use of gaskets made of special silicone material.

The design of the socket body and cable gland also plays an important role: thanks to the compact dimensions and the knurled surface finish in the contact areas, it guarantees an optimal grip even when wearing work gloves without penalizing the wiring operations of the internal switch.

The heart of the product, the special non-sparking switch, made of thermosetting material, features casing terminals with double tightening screws to guarantee always optimal contacts even in the presence of strong vibrations, synonymous with total reliability and greater safety during use.
The padlockable handle, as in the homologous interlocked sockets for fixed wall installation, in addition to providing a clear indication of the status of the socket, finally guarantees greater safety during maintenance and use.

As prescribed by the IEC EN 60079-0 Standard, the OPTIMA-EX[GD] couplers are equipped with an insertion key which allows them to be coupled only with mobile plugs of the same series, so as to avoid the possibility of appliances not suitable for Ex environments are incorrectly connected to the connector.
Already available for consultation, the relevant Series brochure includes the most popular time configurations, but other versions are available on request.

Such a wide range, such accurate design and service combined with the value of true MADE IN ITALY, make SCAME a reliable partner even for installations in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.
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