DC switches for photovoltaic applications
The Scame range of DC switches for photovoltaic applications is expanding and being renewed. The ISOLATORS-PH Series is evolving into the ISOLATORS-PV Series and adopts new switches for single and double strings, ensuring maximum breaking power thanks to contacts made with an exclusive alloy and insulating materials with exceptional dielectric properties used for the body and components. 
Each pole has a double rotating knife contact capable of interrupting the load at 1000V, 1200V, or even 1500V, eliminating the need to connect multiple poles in series. 
The enclosure, on the other hand, guarantees IP66/IP69 protection rating and is characterized by a recessed knob, reversible base, and ample internal wiring space.
All these features make the ISOLATORS-PV Series ideal for photovoltaic applications, where IEC 60364-7-712 Standard prescribes the need to isolate the photovoltaic panel from the rest of the system.
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