Modular systems for electrical installations.
Scame designs and offers electrical solutions, not just products.

Modularity is the basis of every solution so as to have ranges that can perfectly integrate with each other, offering extremely flexible configurations.

For this reason, the domestic sockets for industrial applications and the industrial sockets themselves, with or without interlocking, in their flush mounting versions are dimensioned on standardized flange measures to allow easy installation inside SCAME distribution boards or to create combination units through modular bases.

These are the main SCAME systems:

Modular and modular range of switchboards and enclosures for wall distribution enclosures, equipped with DOMO or DOMOPLUS series domestic sockets, OPTIMA series, XENIA or EUREKA or interlocked series OMNIA series industrial sockets. The DOMINO System responds to innumerable installation requirements in artisanal and industrial environments as well as in the tertiary sector.


Modular base system designed to accommodate the interlocked industrial sockets of the OMNIA series. it consists of built-in enclosures, modular both horizontally and vertically, and from wall envelopes for the construction of systems with a high degree of protection IP.


Modular system for distribution batteries for heavy industrial applications. It includes compact (106 mm) or large (136 mm) modular bases, capable of accomodating, junction boxes and consumer units, domestic standard socket outlets, OPTIMA or XENIA series of industrial socket outlets and interlocked sockets from ADVANCE 2 or OMNIA series.
A complete set of adapter flanges, equipped with appropriate cut-outs, allows the interaction between the various systems, adding in this way further flexibility and integration between the different solutions.


Modular system of bases suitable for housing the interlocked industrial socket outlets of the PROXIMA series. It consists of wall-mounted enclosures with vertical development for the construction of systems with a high degree of IP protection.
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