IKONA Series

Surface mounting watertight industrial consumer units
The IKONA Series is a range of watertight industrial wall-mounted consumer units capable of combining a design usually the prerogative of products for residential applications with solutions and technical features that are out of the ordinary.
The IKONA Series is characterized by a rigorous and functional design, signed by the Trussardi+Belloni Design studio as for all the most recent Scame products in the industrial and E-Mobility sectors.
It has its distinctive character in the single completely flat tinted door, embellished by the concealed opening mechanism with automatic spring return (can be equipped with a Yale key on request), capable of combining aesthetics, practicality of use and prevention of dust and dirt deposits typical of a production environment.

The door is equipped with reinforced hinges which from a technical point of view allows reversibility of the opening direction, but always with an angle of 180° so as to guarantee maximum accessibility to the switches for maintenance operations, the latter further facilitated by the possibility of removing the escutcheons DIN rail covers, snap-fitted, without therefore requiring disassembly of the entire cover.

Furthermore, being recessed flush with the casing, it is protected from lateral impacts, thus contributing to obtaining the IK09 grade with regards to impact resistance.
The enclosure is made of halogen-free thermoplastic materials, reinforced with internal ribs at the points of greatest stress.
The gasket system between the cover, the base and the rear door guarantees the IP66 rating, making IKONA an absolute reference for this type of product.
Quick-pitch stainless steel screws and an internal DIN rail holder frame that can be easily removed and repositioned in the base guarantee ease of use.
The spirit level is integrated to ensure perfect installation.
The slots integrated into the frame allow an ideal anchoring point for the cable ties, ensuring a tidy arrangement of the cables.
The DIN rails are adjustable in both depth and height, allowing the fixing of non-standard modular units, with the possibility of housing additional terminal blocks.

The new IKONA series is available in the following configurations: 8-12(+1)-18(+1) DIN modules on a single row, 24(+2) and 36(+2) modules on a double row, 54(+3) on three rows and finally 72(+4) DIN modules arranged on 4 rows with the particularity, in this only version, of the door divided into two independent halves given its dimensions.

A complex range, also featuring a large series of accessories useful for installation, interesting innovations on a technical level together with a refined and functional design, make IKONA a worthy expression of true Made in Italy, both in form and substance.
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