Products for electrical installation in hazardous areas
SCAME, manufacturer of IEC products since 5 decads, has developed also an articulated range of ATEX-IECEx products for installation in hazardous areas due to the presence of gas or combustible dust.

Enclosures, Junction boxes, control stations, disconnecting switches, interlocked switchsocket outlets and relevant plugs, certified IECEx II 2GD (Gas & Dust) by leading Notification Bodies such as INERIS, IMQ, and TÜV.

Thanks to the increased safety protection method guaranteed by the adoption of a specific non-sparking switch and the enclosure (Ex db eb), the interlocked switchsocket outlets ADVANCE-GRP [GD] series and ISOLATORS-EX [GD] Series of switch disconnectors for Zone 1, allow easy installation equal to a normal products for industrial applications as well as no need for periodic maintenance and checks, as the Atex Directive 2014/34/UE (specifically EN 60079-15 Standard) requires for other methods of protection such as the "Ex nR" (limited breathing enclosures).
Where there is no need for disconnection, but for controlling lighting systems, the control devices ROCKER-EX[GD] series, made of sturdy material charged with fiberglass and available as one way switches, two way switches or push-buttons, are the ideal choice.
SCAME is equipped with IMQ, ATEX and IECEx notification.

This implies that, as regards the ZENITH-P and ZENITH-S series of enclosures, made respectively of GRP thermosetting material and stainless steel and also available with "component" (U) certification, it is able to support the customer during the decision-making process, processing offers and feasibility analysis in a short time thanks to an efficient internal analysis and budgeting service.

Furthermore, thanks to its production flexibility based on the principles of Lean Production and the use of highly qualified personnel and cutting-edge machinery, SCAME is able to create junction boxes and command and control units in customized configurations on specific needs of the customer, without requiring high lots.
Also Skids are the result of careful design and manufacturing.
Configurable on specific customer needs, easy and quick to install without imposing long production stops, they are based on the use of equipment mounted on bottom plates sized to ensure the right distance between the various components in order to prevent ignition phenomena.
For zone 21 and 22, where the risk of explosion is given by presence of combustible dust SCAME has developed dedicated solutions certified IECEx II 2D, so to offer the maximum level of protection for the specific application where products certified GD are redundants.
Specific solutions which, for areas with less or normal explosion risk, we find represented by interlocked sockets, which can also be assembled in combination units, and plugs up to 125A, all certified II 3D.
Such a wide offer, such an accurate design and service combined with the value of the real MADE IN ITALY, make SCAME a reliable partner also for installations in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.
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