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Charging stations [MODE 4]

Charging station for electric vehicles

To complete the offer, Scame offers DC charging stations (Fast Charge).

The term 'Fast Charge' means the capacity to recharge a battery up to 80% in 10-15 minutes.
The charge is done using direct current (mode 4) via a dedicated connector that also allows communication between vehicle and station.
There are different connection standards, the most common being:
- CHAdeMO:
the name of the Japanese association that promotes this mode of charging using a dedicated connector and through a proprietary protocol which allows managing the charging process on a CAN bus channel.
- Combined Charging System (CCS) Type 2: Also called COMBO 2, supports both continuous rapid charging and standard AC charging on a single vehicle side connector, station-vehicle communication takes place over the power line.
COMBO 2 is a standard promoted by German car manufacturers and the European commission has set this type of connector as a common EU infrastructure standard according to EN 62196.

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