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Domestic material

Mobile plugs, sockets, adapters, multiple mobile and wiring accessories for fixed installation, for household and tertiary apploications.

SCAME offers a complete range of plugs, single or multiple sockets and adapters to meet the connectivity needs in the residential and tertiary sector. An important part of the offer is dedicated to flush mounting series of wiring accessories, suitable for fixing on Italian standard rectanglular boxes, German Standard 60 mm diameter round boxes or English Standard metal square boxes .

Present in section 8 serie
62 Products
Mobile plugs and sockets for household and tertiary applications
67 Products
Mobile adapters for household and teriary applications
245 Products
Mobile multiple sockets for household and tertiary applications
18 Products
Cable reels for domestic and tertiary application
87 Products
The range of lamp holders and chamfer switches
125 Products
Components for TV systems, telephone and data
249 Products
Switches and sockets for fixed installation in residential and tertiary sector
287 Products
Domestic products in blister packing