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Power supply in an hazardous area

To serve the South American market, Italian Campari Company is producing its worldwide famous aperitif, in Argentina since 2004.
On 2016 in its state-of–the-art productive plant in Buenos Aires, in the ATEX classified area of ​​the distillery, the company wanted to replace the old aluminum based explosion-proof sockets and plugs to a modern and efficient solution.
Generally speaking, the production of spirits produces solutions of ethanol, which is a highly flammable liquid. Raw materials for fermentation and mashing processes involve the handling and storage operations which can generate flammable dust. Hence, all types of flammable materials (vapour, dust and gas) necessary for an explosion are potentially present in spirits manufacturing facilities.
To grant the highest level of safety in such a risky environment classified as Zone 1 and Zone 2 according to ATEX Directive, Campari opted for the solution offered by SCAME, installing ADVANCE-GRP[GD] interlocked switchsoket outlet and relevant OPTIMA-EX[GD] plugs.
​​​​​​​The Increased Safety method of protection of ADVANCE-GRP[GD], granted by the enclosure and the adoption of a specific not sparking switch disconnector, allowed an installation procedure equal to a normal industrial products with the advantage of no need for the periodic check of the product status required for other method of protection.
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