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Resistance, safety and portability are what guarantee the SCAME’s distribution assemblies in an harsh environment like the construction site is, where sun, rain, dust and mud put a strain on any electrical equipment. An articulated product range starting from the MEGA series distribution assemblies for combination units of thermoplastic or thermosetting socket outles up to 125A, continues with the transportable MBOX Series distribution assemblies, equipped with emergency button and a comfortable automatic twilight tunr-on light, ends up with DOMINO and BLOCK Series of distribution assemblies ideal for direct power supply of the apparels, thanks to the maximum mobility facilitated by the compact dimensions.

Cable reels of ROLLER Series are a valid addition and allows, thanks to the lengths of the cable, to reach every area of the construction site even the ones far away from the main distribution boards. All the ASC distribution assemblies are based on a concept of modularity in order to accommodate the various ranges of SCAME industrial electrical inlets and socket outlets with or without interlocking.

In order to satisfy every need for customization, an analysis and estimation service is available in SCAME, capable of producing customized distribution assemblies accompanied by relevant certificate of conformity.