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High currents industrial plugs and sockets with lever coupling

OPTIMA-METAL[HDAL] is a range of industrial plugs and sockets from 160A to 800A with tempered die-cast aluminum body and equipped with a lever system to facilitate insertion-extraction operations while the automatic socket cover guarantees IP67 protection even when the plug is not inserted.
The contact carriers in thermosetting material offer exceptional mechanical and thermal resistance, while the silver-plated and self-cleaning contacts guarantee multi-point connections and a low insertion force, resisting temperatures up to 200°C.
Two pilot contacts with electrical interlocking function ensure that the coupling and uncoupling operations do not take place under load, while the HDAL250 and HDAL500 Type sockets are equipped with shutters that guarantee IP2X degree of protection to prevent accidental or voluntary contact with live parts.
The neoprene gaskets and all the stainless steel fixing elements contribute to the exceptional qualities of strength and durability.
The OPTIMA-METAL[HDAL] plugs are compatible with the ADVANCE-METAL[HDAL] Series interlocked sockets.

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