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Local control stations with thermoplastic enclosure for Zone 1/2 (Gas) and Zone 21/22 (Dust)

COMPACT-EX[GD] is a range of local control stations for applications in Zone 1/2 (Gas) and 21/22 (Dust). The ecnlosure, made of thermoplastic material with glass fiber, is resistant to impact even at low temperatures and its design eases the wiring operations of the components fixed to the internal DIN rail. Based on a concept of absolute modularity, the COMPACT-EX[GD] control stations are available in two sizes of enclosures designed to house up to a maximum of 3 Ex eb operators, but by means of a joint it is possible to couple two enclosures together, obtaining configurations with up to 4 operators. In addition to the pre-configured versions, SCAME offers a dedicated design and production service based on specific customer needs.

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