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Industrial switched interlocked socket outlets in thermosetting material to offer maximum resistance in archest environments.

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In extreme environmental conditions such as in iron and steel industries, chemical plants, in ports or mines, nothing can match ADVANCE-GRP, the industrial switched interlocked socket outlets with body made of thermosetting material GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester).

The exceptional mechanical resistance of the GRP used by SCAME, differentiating it from other thermosetting materials, is due to the production process based on SMC (from the English Sheet Molding Compound) technology.

SMC is an advanced technology that uses only non-woven sheets, pre-impregnated with polyester resin. The method consists in preparing the sheet material inside a mold which, having a counter-mold (negative mold), will compress the composite, compacting it.

In this way it is possible to keep intact the length of glass fibers, homogeneously distributed in the material, enhancing the quality of the raw material without reducing the characteristics of high mechanical strength during the transformation.

On the contrary, BMC technology (from the English Bulk Molding Compound), at the base of some alternative processes, uses a raw material available in "blocks" of short fibers, which undergoes strong thermomechanical stresses during the transformation process with the consequent reduction of mechanical properties, in this way reducing impact resistance and flexural strength.

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These are the main features of ADVANCE-GRP:

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Maximum resistence to heat and fire

The Scame GRP material guarantees excellent resistance to heat and fire: it does not propagate the flame, it does not emit halogens, it does not smoke.

This material has excellent self-extinguishing properties: Glow Wire 960 ° C according to EN 60695-2-1; V0 according to UL94.

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Maximum resistance to chemical agents

Scame's fiberglass reinforced polyester GRP has excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals, salt solutions, diluted acids, hydrocarbons, mineral oils and alcoholic substances. The products reazlized with Termoindurente GRP are therefore particularly suitable for highly corrosive atmospheres

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Maximum impact resistance

The glass-reinforced polyester GRP of Scame, combined with the high thickness of the walls of the enclosures, guarantees a mechanical resistance to impacts greater than 20J (IK10) according to EN50102, even in extreme temperature conditions (-40°C / +60°C).

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Maximum resistance to atmospheric agents

Scame's fiberglass reinforced polyester GRP is suitable for the most extreme environmental conditions, excellent resistance to UV rays, exceptional reliability to environmental stresses and use both at low and high ambient temperatures (-40°C / +60°C).

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The availability of versions from 16 to 125A, with or without protection devices and a series of modular bases, make ADVANCE-GRP the series of interlocked socket outlets in thermosetting material not only tougher but also wider on the market.

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Highly resistant to contamination, absolutely resistant to corrosion and suitable for applications where the use of low smoke emission components and halogen free LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) is required, GRP material is an excellent alternative to aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron.

This is why it was chosen by SCAME for its series of ADVANCE-GRP industrial interlocked sockets, junction boxes and control stations from ZENITH series or ISOLATORS [GD] series of switch-disconnectors, all intended for installation in harsh environments, even in areas classified as risk of explosion due to the presence of gas or dust.

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