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SCAME offers a wide range of trunking meeting the different requirements of electric distribution systems mounted on site, in commercial building, industrial and service applications. They are made in full compliance with current safety standards; and can be installed easily and quickly, ensuring low installation costs.
Thanks to their modern design , they are suited to both domestic and working environments.

The range offers:

separation of different circuits (electric system, phone system, central TV system, EPD data trasmission, PC)
installation of wiring accessories into the relevant back boxes
complete accessibility of the finished system for inspection purposes.
easy adaption of existing installation to accomodate additional accessories, switches, sockets, etc.
integrating mini-trunking with skirting trunking

The offer by SCAME for trunking systems includes:

WADO Series mini-trunking
These are suitable for small installations or existing systems that have to be improved or changed, requiring very few cables.
WADO Series skirting trunking
These are especially suitable for restoring homes, renewing offices, for installations in prefabricated buildings and perfectly fit any environment.
Cable trunking
These are suitable for housing, covering or protecting cable boundless in any type of system where a certain number of cables has to be installed.
Slotted cable trunking
These are available in different sizes and are provided with perfectly rounded upper profile to make any cabling operation easier.
Pre insulated pipework trunking for air conditioning systems
SCAME air conditioning ducts are an elegant and handy rigid self-extinguishing PVC system that allows easy and quick installations of pipes for your new conditioning systems.



Практический совет

Read and follow the instructions carefully.
All regulations in force governing electrical installations must be observed.

Per il corretto utilizzo dei sistemi di canalizzazione

  • Non sottoporre gli imballi, nel trasporto e nello stoccaggio, a carichi eccessivi tali da indurre a deformazioni permanenti del prodotto. Curare che l'immagazzinamento avvenga in luoghi asciutti.
  • Non esporre le canalizzazioni di materiale termoplastico, nel trasporto e nello stoccaggio, ad irraggiamento solare diretto. La temperatura ambiente deve essere compresa tra -5°C e +60°C.
  • La sicurezza e la funzionalità sono garantite solo usando accessori e componenti forniti o autorizzati dal costruttore.
  • In caso di distacco di una canalina dalla parete o di distacco di una presa di una canalina, rivolgersi ad un installatore qualificato. In ogni caso, prima di qualunque intervento togliere sempre tensione all'impianto.
  • L'installazione di ulteriori cavi nelle canaline (soprattutto se si tratta di cavi di apparecchiature per la trasmissione di dati, ad. es. di un computer), deve essere effettuata da un installatore qualificato.




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