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The over-view below shows the full range of SCAME’s distribution assemblies.

With their compact size, robust construction and protection degree from IP44 to IP66, they meet the most varied power distribution requirements in factories, workshops, agriculture, ser-vices, construction sites and shipyards, in both normal and heavy duty ambient conditions.



All SCAME's empty units are constructed to meet:

The assemblies comply with:



The SCAME range of distribution assemblies includes the following Series:

SCAME's distribution assemblies are available in the following versions:

  • Full pre-wired units:
    standard equipment for industrial and similar applications, construction sites, etc.
  • Partly pre-wired units:
    equipment partly factory-wired at SCAME, to be completed by the user.
  • Empty units with plain front panel:
    which can house any type of industrial and/or domestic sockets, protective devices and other types of compatible low-voltage electrical aquipment (this version is not available for MEGA units).
    NOTE: this version is not available for MEGA Distribution Assembleis
  • Empty units with frontal-panel cut-outs:
    designed to house industrial 16 A 32 A IEC309 or EUREKA Series socket outlets, 10 A and 16 A domestic European type socket outlets (to CEI, VDE, UTE and BS) and 16 A and 32 A OMNIA interlocked-switch socket outlets (only for DOMINO units).
    NOTE: This version is available only in DOMINO and BLOCK Series.



SCAME supply a kit containing several standard installation accessories together with every empty unit.

Other optional accessories are anailable on demand (section 2.1).



Pre-assemblies are ready-made distribution assemblies, fully pre-wired and equipped with industrial and/or domestic sockets, protective devices (modular or moduled-case MCBs and RCDs) and accessories.

SCAME also offer a partly wired version (up to the EN50022 rail) equipped with industrial and/or domestic sockets, but without protective devices. The choice, purchase and installation of these articles is left to the customer.

Pre-assemblies constructed and wired in-house by SCAME undergo strict quality control to pass all tests required by the standards.

This assure the safety, reliability and long life of the equipment, provided that the user operates correct installation, practises in accordance with the relevant wiring regulations.

The following pages describe many of the standard assemblies produced by SCAME, which differ from each other by version, socket combination, protective devices and protection degree.

Together they will meet most of the installation requirements that arise in terminal power distribution.



Consistent with their strongly customer-oriented marketing policy, SCAME also offer distribution assemblies housing combinations of sockets and protection devices made up to specific customer requirements.

SCAME are in position to design, implement and supply to order, accurately finished distribution assemblies at short notice.

For any inquiries in connection with customised distribution assemblies, please contact your SCAME Dealer.



Distribution assemblies must comply with the standards listed below:

European standard EN 60439-1
Distribution assemblies to be used for industrial, agricultural, service industry etc., applications in regular and heavy duty conditions.

This standard requires:

  • that mass-produced distribution assemblies (TTA) are subject testing, and
  • that non-mass produced distribution assemblies (PTTA) are partly subject to type testing.

All SCAME distribution assemblies (pre-wired unit fully equipped with sockets, protective devices, etc.) comply with en 60439-1.

Since they are mass-produced (TTA), they are subject to type testing, an additional assurance for the user.


European standard EN 60439-4
Distribution assemblies for use on construction sites.

In conformity with the requirements of international regulations, distribution assemblies used on construction sites must comply with standards EN 60439-4 " Particular requirements for assemblies for construction sites (ASC), which supplement, amend and supersede some articles of standard IEC 439-1.
Therefore all assemblies for construction sites (ASC) must take into account both the general standard EN 60439-1 and the specific standard for construction sites EN 60439-4:

In particular, standard EN 60439-4 requires that:

  • The maximum rated voltage does not exceed 1.000V(c.a) and 1500 V d.c.;
  • all ASC distibution assemblies bear one or more permanenrly inscribed data plates which are clearly visible after installation;
  • the data plates carry the following information:
    • manufacturer's name or trade-mark;
    • designaton of the type and identification number which allow the user to apply to the manifacturer to optain additional technical information;
    • reference to standard EN 60439-4;
    • rated current, type of current and, if a.c,frequency.


Compliance of ASC assemblies to EN 60439-4 is tested by type tests on a sample consctructed according to the manufacturer's prescribed production system or without modifications from it such as to affect the performance.



The manufacturer must specify in the documentation all conditions of installation, operation, and maintenance of the assemblies and of the equipment housed in them.

If the wiring diagram is not evident, suitable additional information must be supplied, eg. circuit diagrams or tables of connections.

The manufacturer must also issue a conformity declaration certifying that the product has been produced in compliance with the standards.



An oustanding feature of SCAME's range of distribution assemblies is their highly flexible use due to:

  • the considerable number of different possible combinations of industrial and/or domestic socket outlets which can be mounted in the assemblies;
  • the numerous possibilities of stationary and mobile installation: surface mounting, flush mounting, turret mounting, self-supporting, portable and on a wheeled cable-reel stand.



A combination of one or more low-voltage protective and operating devices with any possible measuring, indicating, protective and/or regulatory devices, entirely installed under the manufacturer's responsibility, with all internal wiring and mechenical connections, including the structural supporting parts.

- TTA: Type tested
An assembly conforming to a given type of construction system or in any case without modifications from it such as to affect its performance to a decisive extent compared to the type tested assembly as prescribed by the standard.

- PTTA: Partially type tested
Assemblies containing both configurations tested by type tests and configurations not tested by type tests, provided that the latter are derived (eg. by calculation) from configurations which passed the prescribed tests.

- ACS Type tested assembly for construction sites
Combinations of one or more transformers or switches and their associated control, measuring, indicating, protective and setting devices, with all their wiring and mechanical connections as well as their bearing structures, designed and constructed for use indoors and outdoors on costruction sites.

Portable (or semi-stationary) ACS
An assembly designed to be used in a place where it is not permanently installed; its location may be moved from one area to another on a construction site.

Whenever an assembly has to be moved, it must first be disconnected.

Mobile ACS
An ACS can be moved during progress of work on the building site and which doesn't need to be disconnected.



Each ACS may include the following units:

  • Inlet unit
    The unit through which power is supplied (from the outside) to the assembly.
  • Outlet unit
    The unit through which power is supplied to one or more external circuits.
  • Transformer unit
    This unit may be either LV/FELV or LV/SELV.
  • Measuring unit
    A unit housing appliances for measuring the electric power.



All SCAME's thermoplastic units are provided with total insulation.

This ensures safety in use since it prevents live parts from coming in contact with the outside of the enclosure in the event of a malfunction.



The EN 60439-4 Standard classes distribution assemblies into 6 types depending on the specific end uses of the equipment installed in the consctruction site's electrical distribution system:

  • Power supply inlet and measuring ACS
  • Main distribution ACS
  • Distribution ACS
  • Transformer ACS
  • Final distribution ACS
  • Socket outlets ACS



SCAME assemblier are available for the functions listed below. Their specifications comply with those prescribed by the standards:

  • Distribution ACS
    Consisting of one inlet unit and several outlet units:
    • rated current between 125A and 630A
    • outgoing feeder cables connected to terminals or sockets
    • Isolating device that can be padlocked in OFF position.
  • Final distribution ACS
    Consisting of one or more outgoing feeders:
    • Max. rated current 125A
    • isolating device can be padlocked in OFF position
    • no provision for delaying the tripping time of the protective devices
    • residual current device (RCD) with I dn < 30mA as additional protection against indirect contacts
    • max. 6 sockets protected by each RDC.
  • Socket-outlet ASC
    mobile or portable:
    • Max. rated current 63A
    • incoming cable connection either to appliance inlet or to connecting device
    • outgoing cables connected only to socket outlets
    • each socket outlet to be provided with its own overload protection. In addition, all socket outlets (max.6) to be protected against indirect contacts by meams of RCD with I dn >30mA.

SCAME's factory-assembled MEGA, MASTERBOX and portable DOMINO and BLOCK Series assemblies have been designed and constructed for use on construction sites.

This assemblies therefore compy with EN 60439-1 and EN 60439-4; in particular, they meet Standard requirements for the following uses:

  • MEGA assemblies: distribution ACS
  • MASTERBOX assemblies: final distribution ACS
  • DOMINO and BLOCK portable assemblies: socket outlet ACS


Two or more functions as described above may be combined in a single ACS assembly, eg.a socket uotlet ACS may be combined with a transformer ACS. Compliance with the European Standard 60439-4 for assemblies for construction sites (ACS) will be mandatory in all CENELEC member countries.



Практический совет

Read and follow the instructions carefully.
All regulations in force governing electrical installations must be observed.

Распределительные щиты комплекты

  • Check the assemblies regularly and replace them as soon as they show evident signs of wear and tear.
  • Always employ qualified technical staff.
  • If the product has been subject to impact or knocks, it should be checked at once even if it has suffered no evident damage.
  • Never enclose the assembly in such a way as to hinder inspection and/or maintenance.
  • Always employ qualified technical staff for any work on the switchgear.
  • If any switchgear has been subject to impact, it should be checked at once even if it has suffered no evident damage.

Тестер предохранителя

  • Switch off before changing the fuse.
  • The new fuse must have the same size and electrical characteristics as the old one.
  • Never keep the base empty as it might leave live parts exposed.
  • When replacing the fuse inside a screwed fuse holder, proceed as follows:
    a) fit the fuse into its holder and tighten well to ensure proper electric contact;
    b) if the fuses have a built-in blowing indicator, it must be visible through the transparent window in the holder.




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