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For years SCAME has been offering a wide range of high-quality industrial plugs and sockets complying with EN 60309-1 and 60309-2 European standards, gaining a leading position in the domestic and export markets.
SCAME's industrial plugs and sockets are reliable, robust, easy to wire and provide outstanding resistance to weathering and to chemicals. All of which assures safe operation, even in the most adverse environmental conditions.

These standards govern appliances with rated operating voltage not exceeding 690V, 500 Hz and rated current not exceeding 125A, and are mainly designed for application in the manufacturing and service industry, on building sites and similar uses.

The main purpose of the standards is to prevent accidental or deliberate mismating of plugs and connections which are not compatible in terms of voltage, current, frequency, polarity and type of use, which might therefore cause personal harm as well as damage to the electric appliances which they connect.



The plugs and sockets for industrial applications comply with European standards:

EN 60309-1
Plugs, sockets-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes
Part 1: General requirements
EN 60309-2
Plugs, sockets-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes
Part 2: Dimensional interchangeability requiresements for pin and contact-tube accessories of harmonised configurations.

which are equivalent to international standards IEC 309-1 and IEC 309-2.

The standards EN 60309-1 and EN 60309-2 (equivalent to IEC 60309.1 and IEC 60309-2) have been adopted by all the european members of CENELEC (Comité Européen de la Normalisation ELECtrotechnique): Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Many other countries, although not aknowledging the need to standardise both out of safety considerations and with the objecti of improving performance and sales.
Plugs and sockets manufactured according to these standards are in use today across Europe, in the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific Rim, the Far East, North and South America. A further extension of the international standardisation of plugs and sockets for industrial applications will doubtless lead to simplification in the exchange of goods and services. For instance, manufacturing machines will be fitted with plugs that can match the sockets installed in any country, refrigerated containers will always find ports equipped for connection of compressors. Campers, caravans, leisure boats, electric cars will have no problems plugging into power supply posts when travelling abroad.



The range is provided with many types of movable and fixed sockets and plugs, They consist of four complementary series:

It includes connectors for 16A and 32A electric carriers in compliance with the updated regulations promoted by CIVES.
It includes 16A and 32 A sockets IP44 and IP67 and i characterised by some technical and innovative solutions that make wiring times shorter.
It includes Heavy Duty, 16A to 25A plugs and sockets IP44 and IP66 and IP67 for the American and EU markets.

The IEC309 Series
It includes 16 A to 125 A plugs and sokets IP44 and IP67 and so many versions suitable for matching any installation requirement.



Plugs and socket outlet
a device for the frequent coupling between a flexible cable and an electric circuit; it consists of a socket_outlet and a plug.

the part designed to be connected to the electric circuit.

the part fixed or designed to be fixed to the end of a flexible cable, which is attached to an appliance or to a connector.

Cable coupler
a device for the frequent coupling between two flexible cables; it consists of a connector and a plug.

the part fixed or designed to be fixed to the end of a flexible supply cable.

Appliance coupler
a device for the frequent coupling between a flexible cable and the appliance, it consists of a connector and an appliance inlet.

Appliance inlet
the part built into or fastened to the appliance, or designed to be fastened to it.

Flexible cable extension
a flexible cable with a connector at one end and a plug at the other.



The standards which govern the use of industrial plugs and sockets both for alternating current (frequency up to 500 Hz) and for direct current, distinguish the two categories by operating voltage:

Extra-Low voltage plugs and sockets with operating voltage up to 50V
Low voltage plugs and sockets with operating voltage above 50V and up to 690V

Executions with 2-3-4-5 contacts and rated current carrying capacities of 16-32-63-125 A are considered.
Each application requires a specific execution which differs from all others and built-in obstacles so as to make it impossible to insert a plug into any other socket than its matching one in terms of current carrying capacity, voltage, frequency, number of contacts and type of application.

Low voltage >50V
In low voltage >50V versions, the obstacle is provided by two elements:

a keyway (on the socket) with a matching key (on the plug)
a larger earth contact than the other contacs, situated in different clock-face positions depending on the characteristics of use.

When the socket is viewed from the front, the clock-face position (h) of the earth contact is found by taking as a reference the keyway, which is always situated at 6 o'clock.

Extra-low voltage <50V
In extra-low voltage <50V versions without earth contact, the obstacle is provided by two references:

The major consists of a keyway on the plug, matching a key on the socket, which is always situated at 6 o'clock;
the minor also consist of a keyway (plug) and key (socket), but situated in different positions around the clock-face position depending on the characteristics of use.

Viewing the socket from the front, the clock-face position (h) of the minor keyway is found by talking as a reference the major keyway, which is always situated at 6 o'clock.
The 63 A and 125 A sockets must be fitted with a pilot contact to activate an interlock if required.






Insulating voltage:
690V, 50-60Hz

minimum insulating clearance between surfaces: 10mm
minimum clearance in air: 8mm
(for rated voltages exceeding 500V~).

Operating voltage:
up to 690V~, 50-60Hz

Breaking capacity:
1.25 times the rated current
(test carried out at a voltage 1,1 times the rated operating voltage)

Electrical and mechanical endurance:
designed to withstand the following operations at rated voltage and current (electrical endurance) or loadless (mechanical endurance)
Rated current No. of cycles
(A) under load without load
16A 5.000 /
32A 1.000 1.000
63A 1.000 1.000
125A 250 250



Impact resistance:
to IEC 309-1 (section 24)

Operating temperature:
-25°C +80°C

Cabling capacity of the terminals:
Cross-section of connectable conductors (mm2)
Rated Rated Plugs, connectors
and appliance inlets Socket outlets
voltage current min max min max
16A 1 2,5 1,5 4
Over 32A 2,5 6 2,5 10
a 50V 63A 6 16 6 25
125A 16 50 25 70

Below 16A 4 10 4 10
a 50V 32A 4 10 4 10

The terminals for pilot contacts provide connection for conductors with the same nominal cross-section at the internal terminals of 16 A plugs and connectors with rated operating voltage over 50 V.

Max. cable size accepted by the cable clamp:
Rated Outside mm
current min max
16A 8 15
32A 11,5 21
63A 7 31
125A 26 48



The standards set a rating for appliances which is based on their degree of protection against the ingress of solid and liquid matter (CEI 70-1):

IP44 - plugs and sockets protected against splashing of water; the sockets are provided with a spring lid.
IP67 - Plugs and sockets protected against the effects of immersion, fitted with a locking ring with bayonet coupling.

The protection degree is tested:

on sockets, with lid closed or plug fully inserted;
on plug, when fully inserted into the socket.

All series of SCAME plugs and sockets for industrial applications have been designed and constructed to standards IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-2 (EN 60309-1 and EN 60309-2).



Most of the EUREKA Series and IEC309 Series plugs and sockets are certified by Istituto del Marchio di Qualità IMW and many are also certified by VDE, SEMKO, FI, NEMKO as shown in the index by product number at the back of the catalogue.



Casing and insert made of engineering plastic with high thermal stability and mechanical strenght.
Self-extinguishing to IEC 695-2-1: casing 650°C (glow-wire) and insert 850°C (glow-wire).
Seal made of non-ageing EPDM elastomer or rubber.
Pins of nickel-plated brass for a perfect, lasting electric contact.
Nickel-plated brass contact tubes with flexible spring for a constant and even contact pressure.
Nickel-plated steel terminal screws
Contact tube springs and external screws of zinc-plated steel.
Grip and lid spring of stainless steel.
Resistance to rusting: 10 min in 10% aqueous solution of ammonium chloride




Field of use IP44 IP67
Agriculture Mobile or portable equipment or appliances used or stored on sheltered premises. Outdoor installation of pumping, ventilation, drying equipment.
Chemical industry Indoor on premises for storage and maintenance purposeswhere connections are not exposed to the risk of immersion or chemicals. On premises without risk of explosions but where the connections are exposed to chemicals and subject to possible immersion.
Construction sites and shipyards On covered construction sites sheltered against weathering the exposed to splashing with water. On outdoor construction sites where the connections are left on damp ground exposed to freezing, dust and weathering.
Sports complexes and other places of public entertainment, TV and film studios. On sheltered premises protected against the weather, though exposed to splashing, without high connected loads. Outdoor connections exposed to rain, snow, mud, freezing and other critical weather conditions.
Food industry In sheltered locations, on indoor premises used for storage and maintenance. In location subject to washing by hosing down and where connections are subject to heavy duty.
Heavy industry In sheltered store-houses, workshops for maintenance, minor assembly and moulding. In rolling mills, foundries, blast furnaces, etc., where the connections are exposed to dust, metallic shavings, coolants and are subject to vibrations and impact.
Light industry Locations without high humidity or ambient pullution serving for assembly, moulding, maintenance and storage. On premises subject to cleaning by means of chemical solvents. Also where heavy loads require high safety in connections
Installations for EDP centres Electrical connections executed above floor level. Electrical connections executed under raised floors with risk of immersion. Where heavy loads require high safety in connections.
Ports In sheltered locations such as docks, repair shops, offices, etc. Quays, docks, piers, etc. where there is risk of high waves partial flooding.
Airports In sheltered locations, hangars, repair shops, store-houses. Outdoors for connection between mobile or portable appliances and aircraft.
Water treatment plants Indoor use in repair shops, etc. In all locations with risk of flooding and for outdoor use with pumps, aeration and ventilation systems.



Практический совет

Read and follow the instructions carefully.
All regulations in force governing electrical installations must be observed.

Вилки и розетки промышленного применения

  • The cable ends to be fitted into the terminals of the plugs and sockets must be carefully prepared to ensure that the requisite clearance is observed.
  • Tighten the screws of the terminals to avoid overheating. Loose screws might cause fire hazards or damage to the cables.
  • Inspection and replacement of plugs and sockets should be carried out only by suitably qualified persons.
  • Replace any plugs or sockets that show signs of damage (eg. burn marks). Plugs and sockets should be checked regularly, especially at the cable connection points.
  • Plugs or sockets which have suffered impact or shock of any kind should be checked carefully, even if there are no visible signs of damage.




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