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Whit the TRIS Series, and CARAVAN Series SCAME is presenting a range of cable reels suitable for various non-industrial uses.

The cable reels of the TRIS Series should be used inside buildings in a domestic situation, the service sector, in small workshops, or in normal environmental conditions to connect electrical appliances to power supplies that are at a distance while the CARAVAN Series' one are used outside for the temporary feeding at 12V c.c. of the CARAVAN.



Norma Internazionale IEC 61242
Norma Europea EN 61242
Norma Nazionale CEI EN 61242 (CEI 23-61)



There are three versions of the TRIS Series that allow for connection to:

- a mains supply at 250V~
- a television system
- a telephone system

To cater for the different applications, each version comes with cables of differing lengths.

The TV cable reels have IEC connectors with a 9.5 mm diameter for coaxial cables, while the cable reels for telephone systems have a 3 pole pliug and socket and RJ connectors.
The cable reels for connecting to the mains supply at 250V~ have a 2P or 2P+E plugs for 10A and 16A, or 2P or 2P+E socket outlets for 10A and 16A or dual use complying with the Italian standards CEI 23-16, CEI 23-5 and CEI 23-50, different size cables complying with CEI 20-20 and CENELEC HD21 standards.
All these components are approved by IMQ (Italian Quality Mark Institute) .
In addition there are also versions available with German of French standard sockets outlets.



Made of impact-resistant engineering plastic TRIS Series cable reels have a high level of mechanical resistance and provide excellent impact resistance. Particularly suited for use in non-industrial or residential environments.

Blue and turquoise blue RAL 6034.

Operating temperature:
from -5 to +40°C

to IEC 60695-2-1 (Glow-wire Test): 650°C

type H05 VV-F (PVC)
approved IMQ-HAR rated voltage 300/500V~


Low voltage versions- 250V~

  • Cable with certification IMQ
  • Plugs with certification IMQ
  • Shuttered contact tube
  • Cable in PVC H05VV-F

TV versions

  • Flexible coaxial cable (impendance 70omega)
  • Coaxial plugs and sockets 9.5mm

Thelephone versions

  • Flexible 3 pole cable
  • Standard Telecom Italia 3 pole plug
  • Standard Telecom Italia 3 pole socket and RJ socket



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These cable reels have essentially been designed for temporary use and care must be taken that the loading does not exceed the maximum load permitted for the cable reel - shown on the product.
All SCAME's domestic cable reels are robust, easy to use and extremely safe.
As well as having the CE mark they also all comply with the latest technical standards.



CENELEC HD 21 - CEI 20-20 UNEL 35746

Common condition of use:

  • for equipment in domestic locations, kitchens, offices;
  • for home appliances even in damp environments;
  • for fixed positions and for connecting to portable appliances;
  • for connections subject to average mechanical stresses (e.g. washing machines, hair-dryers, refrigerators);
  • can be used for kitchen and heating appliances as long as the cables have no contact with the heated parts and are not subject to termal radiation;
  • suitable for internal use even in dry or damp places;
  • not suitable for fixed equipment outside;
  • only suitable for intermittent or temporary use outside;
  • can be used in workplaces as long as they are not exposed to excessive wear and tear (dressmakers or similar workplaces);
  • minimum bending radius advised: 8 times the maximum external diameter for mobile use;
  • traction force in position: it is advisable not to exceed 50N per square millimetre of copper section (sum of the sections of the conductors);



SCAME produces many types of cable reels fully cabled and accessorised with various types of industrial and/or domestic sockets and protective devices.

All of these cable reels undergo careful testing procedures before consignment.
This guarantees that the client receives a product in perfect working order, corresponding to the latest technical standards and, naturally, with the CE mark



Практический совет

Read and follow the instructions carefully.
All regulations in force governing electrical installations must be observed.

Вилки и розетки домашнего применения

  • Installation must comply with regulations in force governing electric circuits
  • The cable ends to be fitted into the terminals of the plugs and sockets must be carefully prepared to ensure that the requisite clearance is observed.
  • Tighten the screws of the terminals to avoid overheating. Loose screws might cause fire hazards or damage to the cables.
  • Inspection and replacement of plugs and sockets should be carried out only by suitably qualified persons.
  • Replace any plugs or sockets that show signs of damage (eg. burn marks). Plugs and sockets should be checked regularly, especially at the cable connection points.
  • Plugs or sockets which have suffered impact or shock of any kind should be checked carefully, even if there are no visible signs of damage.

Кабельные барабаны

  • Do not use in places where there is danger of explosion or fire
  • E' preferibile durante l'uso svolgere completamente il cavo.
  • Prestare particolare attenzione al tipo di installazione, condizioni di posa ed utilizzo.
  • While in use the cable should be laid out flat on the ground or the floor avoiding wear and tear or damage (eg due to compression from passing vehicles etc.). If necessary protect it with a suitable protective mechanism.
  • After use always rewind the cable carefully onto the reel.
  • Regularly check the cable for any signs of wear, compression or abrasion. Electrical conductivity of all wires and especially the ground conductor should be tested.




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