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Scame offers several types of adaptors and multi-outlet portable and wall-mounting sockets which are widely used in the home, offices and commercial premises.
The range also includes Salvafulmine sockets, which offer protection against overvoltage, hence are highly recommended for supplying electronic loads.



Italian Standard CEI 23-50
Italian Standard CEI 23-57



Adaptors combine the functions of a plug and those of one or more sockets.
As a rule, they are placed between the power supply socket outlet and the plugs connected to the separate loads.

The adaptors come in two versions:
one-way adaptors with one single plug and one single socket
multi-way adaptors with one single plug and several sockets.

The one-way adaptor
is used to overcome problems which can often arise in the home, office, etc., if an appliance cannot be connected to the power supply because its plug and the socket comply with different standards and therefore do not match.

The multi-way adaptors
is fitted with several sockets. It therefore can be used both for a one-way adaptor and for connecting several loads to the same socket outlet.

The following must be observed for a proper use of the adaptors:
make sure that the adaptor's highest connectable load (shown on the product) is not exceeded by the combined loads of the appliances plugged into it. avoid plugging adaptors into each other.

SCAME's AZZURRA and BLUELINE Series include several types of one-way adaptors with lateral earth contact, for Magic socket outlets and for plugs and sockets with aligned poles, as well as multi-way adaptors for two, three and four appliances.
A multi-standard triple version with two dual-use sockets and one German sockets it also available.



- fam. 145: Adaptor SICURA Series
- fam. 146: Adaptor BLUELINE Series



Portable multi-outlet socket units are useful whenever several loads need to be connected to a single supply point, as they form a system consisting of ganged socket outlets with plug and cable for plugging into the available supply.
The growing use of portable multi-outlet socket units in recent years is due to the increasing number of low-load electrical appliances found in the home and office, such as audio-visual equipment, personal computers and printers, VCRs, hi-fi systems, photocopiers, fax machines and modems.
Even multi-outlet socket units must be used correctly. In particular, the total load of all the appliances connected to the unit must never exceed its maximum load capacity (shown on the product).

SCAME's multi-outlet socket units come in several portable versions, which can also be wall-mounted in any position.
They are available both with 1.5 m cable and plug and without.
The range includes 3, 4, 5, and 6 outlet units with dual-use, Germanl, normal aligned poles and multi-standards sockets.
Versions with luminous 2 pole switches are also available.



- fam. 160: Multi-outlet sockets portable or surface mounting



Scame's multi-outlet sockets with lighting protection, which are specifically designed for the connection of electronic appliances such as TV sets, hi-fi equipment, personal computers, video cassette records, etc.. protect against electrical surges in the electrical supply lines caused, for example, by lightning discharges (external causes) or the operation of appliances (internal causes).
The product only provides an effective and safe protection from overvoltage if the appliance is connected to the energy supply network only and not to different inlets (for example aerial cable, telephone cable, intercom system).
For these cases, consult a qualified installer to investigate other protective devices for these supply inlets.


Technical Information

The sockets include a voltage overload protection device consisting of a solid-state electronic circuit protected by a quick-blow fuse, mounted between phase and neutral.
Rated voltage is 250V~.
The circuit can discharge overvoltages with energy up to 21 J, interrupting when the voltage exceeds the limit of 300 V with a 1.2 kA (8/20 us) discharge current.
Higher voltages, deriving for example from atmospheric discharges directly onto the system, can permanently damage the protector and damage the appliances connected to it.


Status lamp

When the status lamp is on, the protector is operative. If the lamp is off, it means that the protector has beeen subjected to a very high overvoltage and can no longer perform efficiently.
SCAME's multi-outlet sockets with lighting protection are designed for connecting and protecting of electronic appliances (TV sets, hi-fi equipment, personal computers, video cassette recorders, etc.) which are known to be easily damaged by electrical surges, such as those caused by lightning discharges (external) or the operatin of appliances (internal).
They are fitted for this purpose with an electronic overvoltage protection.
The versions available are the single-outlet trailing socket and the multi-outlet portable socket.



- fam. 146: Adaptors BLUELINE Series
- fam. 160: Multi-outlet sockets portable or surface mounting



Практический совет

Read and follow the instructions carefully.
All regulations in force governing electrical installations must be observed.

Вилки и розетки домашнего применения

  • Installation must comply with regulations in force governing electric circuits
  • The cable ends to be fitted into the terminals of the plugs and sockets must be carefully prepared to ensure that the requisite clearance is observed.
  • Tighten the screws of the terminals to avoid overheating. Loose screws might cause fire hazards or damage to the cables.
  • Inspection and replacement of plugs and sockets should be carried out only by suitably qualified persons.
  • Replace any plugs or sockets that show signs of damage (eg. burn marks). Plugs and sockets should be checked regularly, especially at the cable connection points.
  • Plugs or sockets which have suffered impact or shock of any kind should be checked carefully, even if there are no visible signs of damage.

Адаптеры и мульти-розетки

  • The following must be observed for a proper use of the adaptors. Make sure that the adaptor's highest connectable load (shown on the product) is not exceeded by the combined loads of the appliances plugged into it.
  • Avoid plugging adaptors into each other.




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