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With the wide range of domestic plugs, sockets and accessories offered, SCAME is particulary outstanding as a leader in the Italian market in the numerous plugs and trailing socket outlets it produces.

The range includes four groups, described below, which are distinguished by construction and design:

  • Plugs and sockets with aligned poles.
  • Plugs and sockets with side earth contact
  • Flush-mounting sockets outlets with aligned poles
  • Splugs, sockets and accessories for TV and telephone system
  • Accessories

The underlying reasons for the great success of these products with users are their quality, safety, durability, rational design and easy installation.

SCAMES's plugs and trailing sockets are the right products wherever a temporary connection for appliances in general use is required-in domestic applications, small workshops and similar environments.



Italian Standard CEI 23-5
Italian Standard CEI 23-16



  • Plugs and trailing sockets outlets with aligned poles
  • Plugs and sockets with side earthing contact
  • Flush-mounted sockets outlets with aligned contact tubes
  • Plugs, sockets and accessories for TV and telephone systems
  • Accessories


Plugs and trailing sockets outlets with aligned poles

They belong to the BLUELINE and AZZURRA Series and comply with the Italian CEI 23-16 standard.

They have the following characteristics:

- Plugs and sockets: 2P+E - 19mm distance between poles - central earth - 10A - 250V~
- Plugs and sockets: 2P+E - 26mm distance between poles - central earth - 16A - 250V~
- Sockets: 2P+E - 19 and 26mm distance between poles - central earth - 250V~ suitable for both 10A and 16A currents.. These sockets outlets are defined as "DUALUSE"

All the items of this series are quality-approved by Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità (IMQ) .
The plugs are available with straight, 45° and 90° angled cable outlets.
The latter, included in the EXTRAPIATTE Series, are suitable for use in flat sockets without rim or for limiting the extent by which the plug protrudes from the socket.
The 2P plugs and sockets do not have earth contact and are designed exclusively as spare parts in already existing bifilar installations.
The grooves or notches in the housing serve the purpose of improving the grip of the plug when inserting and withdrawing it. Its slim profile makes it easier to insert several plugs side by side into modular socket units.

- fam. 105: Plugs and sockets QUALITY Series
- fam. 106: Plugs and sockets BLUELINE Series
- fam. 110: Plugs and sockets QUICK Series
- fam. 115: Plugs EXTRAPIATTE Series
- fam. 116: Plugs BLUELINE extrapiatte Serie


Plugs and sockets with side earthing contact

Designed to comply with CEE 7/VII (CEI 23-5):
DIN VDE 0620 standards, they belong to the UNEL Series - with 2P+E - 16A - 250V~ (German and French/German standards).
The cable inlet on plugs may be straight or at a 90° angle, while it is always straight on trailling sockets.
The socket outlets may be surface mounted or flush mounted (in round tonde 65mm boxes)

- fam. 130: Plugs and sockets with side earth contact UNEL Series


Flush-mounted sockets outlets with aligned contact tubes

Designed to comply with CEI 23-16 standards:
they belong to the Dual-use GLENO Series with - 2P+E - 10A and 16A - currents 250V~
These sockets outlets may be fitted in round 65mm boxes.
The inserts snap-fit into the housings.

- fam. 135: Flush mounting socket outlets GLENO Series


Plugs, sockets and accessories for TV and telephone systems

Several versions of fixed and mobile plugs and sockets for coaxial cables are available for TV systems. The range of telephone equipment includes plugs and trailing sockets as well as surface-mounting junction boxes, all complying with Telecom Italia standards.

- fam. 180: TV and TELEPHONE material



Scame's range of plugs and sockets for domestic applications is completed by accessories such as blank box covers, blank socket covers and buzzers.
SCAME mobile plugs and sockets, whether in versions for 16A or 10A currents, can connect all the usual appliances found in domestic environments and in service industry.
These products are very successful with users because they are a high quality product, safe, robust, well-designed and easy to install.

- fam. 135: Accessories



All the fastening screws of the housings and terminals which need to be used for installation or maintenance purposes are easily accessibile.
The housings cannot be removed without the use of a tool.
The housings are fastened by means of captive screws and totally enclose the terminals, cable ends and cable clamp.
The user cannot alter the position of an earth contact without disabling the plugs or sockets.



The contact pins on SCAME's plugs are manufactured from solid round brass bar, nickel-plated for perfect resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
They are designed in such a way that once fitted into their insulating holder they are prevented from turning in any way. Their removal disables the plug.
Plugs with aligned contact pins are sheathed for isolation against accidental direct contact with live parts, IEC 60529 IP2X test finger 1 degree.



SCAME's sockets are provided with flexible contact tubes which ensure perfect electrical contact even after repeated operations with a good grip on the contact pins during use.
Their special design prevents the contact tubes from turning. They can be removed only by using a tool and after disassembling the socket.
SCAME's sockets with aligned poles have shuttered contact tubes with a 2:1 degree of protection which ensures that the live parts cannot be touched, even intentionally; there is no access to the 1-mm test wire and single-pole plugging is impossible.



Практический совет

Read and follow the instructions carefully.
All regulations in force governing electrical installations must be observed.

Вилки и розетки домашнего применения

  • Installation must comply with regulations in force governing electric circuits
  • The cable ends to be fitted into the terminals of the plugs and sockets must be carefully prepared to ensure that the requisite clearance is observed.
  • Tighten the screws of the terminals to avoid overheating. Loose screws might cause fire hazards or damage to the cables.
  • Inspection and replacement of plugs and sockets should be carried out only by suitably qualified persons.
  • Replace any plugs or sockets that show signs of damage (eg. burn marks). Plugs and sockets should be checked regularly, especially at the cable connection points.
  • Plugs or sockets which have suffered impact or shock of any kind should be checked carefully, even if there are no visible signs of damage.




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