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Experimental Electrotechnical Italian Institute

logo Who is CESI?
CESI is a joint stock company founded in Italy in 1956 which provides high level services and specializes in testing, certification and technical support with regard to the electrical engineering sector.

CESI among its customers public utilities, manufacturers and consumers of electrical and electromagnetic interference, large-scale users of electricity, electro-mechanical equipment manufacturers and electronic design companies from around the world.


CESI is a accredited laboratory by :

  • SINAL - National System for Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
  • SINCERT - National System for the Accreditation of Certification and Inspection Bodies
  • SIT - Italian calibration service
  • COSTARMAEREO - Ministry of Defense - Head office for Constructions
  • TSE - Turkish Standard Institution
  • IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
  • IECEx - International Electrotechnical Commission Scheme for certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmosphere


Il CESI cooperates with:

  • AEI - Italian Electronic and Electrotechnic association
  • IMQ - Italian Institute for the Quality Mark
  • ALPI - Association of Independent Testing Laboratories and Certification Bodies
  • EUROLAB - European Federation of National Associations of Measurements, Testing and Analitycal Laboratories
  • CIGRE - Conférence Internationale des Grands Réseaux Electriques á Haute Tension
  • (*) LOVAG - Low Voltage Agreement
  • (*) EMCEL - European Testing of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electrical Equipment
  • (*) STLA - Short circuit Testing Liaison Agreement
  • (*) EMCIT - European Testing of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Information Technology Equipment
  • CENELEC - European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization 
  • CIMECO - Italian Center of Control Methods
  • CIRED - Congrès International des Grands Rèseaux èlectriques de Distribution
  • CISPR - Comitè International Spècial des Perturbations Radioèlectriques
  • IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
  • IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • ISO - International Standard Organization
  • UNI - Italian National Agency for Standardization

(*) EOTC member - European Organization for Testing and Certification


Related documents:

  • See enclosure number 3 of:
    Legislative Decree 476/92

    Implementation of Council Directive 89/336/EEC of May 3 1989, relating to laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility, as amended by Directive 92/31/EEC of Apri 28l 1992.
    December 4, 1992, n° 476

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