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Solar systems - Panels under the sun


Is the sun being used more and more to produce energy? It certainly seems like it is. Data as of 31 December 2009 (source GSE) tells us that there were over 71,000 installations in Italy , a 123% increase compared to the year before, and a 500% increase compared to 2007. The installed power, certainly a small fraction compared to the total used power, reached a total of 1142 MW as of 31 December 2009, a 165% increase compared to the previous year. The excellent results are due to many factors: a view that considers the installation cost in relation to the length of time it will be used, the economical evaluation that takes incentives into account, an increase in environmental conscience (also) and, last but not least, the interest by installers who know how to offer their customers systems that take into account this new (and ancient) source of energy.



An alert professional

Certainly, this shift is also marked by the need to find out about new technologies, new devices, new rules associated with standards and regulations. But alert installers know how to keep up with the times. They know the difference between panels in polycrystalline silicone and panels in monocrystalline silicone, they know how to determine the maximum available point of power, they know the best inclination for the panels, and they know that there must not be any panel surface in the shade at any time of the day. They also know how to choose the inverter best suited for the installation and define, along with the customer, the power that he needs the most.


Experience helps

This is all new stuff, sure. However, they add to the experience acquired during the course of the years. For example, the installer knows how to choose the best distribution board for any situation, evaluating modularity, compliance with standards (CEI 17-13/1), degree of protection, resistance to atmospheric agents, possibility to reverse the door opening direction. Same thing with regards to the wall-mounted shunt boxes (CEI EN 60670-1 and CEI EN 60670-22). In this case, the installer also has to be able to evaluate the IP, how to pass cables through, resistance to chemical agents, and hinges. As you can see, these are characteristics found in Scame's Easybox and Scabox series that must be duly taken into account even when building photovoltaic installations. In fact, some of these characteristics are absolutely crucial, especially if the components are installed outdoors. The service life of the installation and its maintenance do not only depend on the panel or on the inverter, but on design elements such as boxes and cabinets as well. Moreover, relying on an attractive line such as Easybox or Scabox allows installers to offer their customers systems that fit in perfectly in the home or at the office, built with the right focus on their good taste.




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