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Road scaffolding - A bit of light on scaffolding lights


Road scaffolding is often an unavoidable inconvenience: it limits the space available to pedestrians, is a source of hazard and is often difficult to see. Good practices (in addition to applicable regulations) require that the necessary strategies be identified in order to ensure its visibility. And proper lighting that can be seen and allows the source of any danger to be seen represents a solution suited to the purpose. In fact, there is lighting equipment - such as the Mizar Series by Scame – that can solve these needs and, in fact, can also be used at construction sites, in industrial facilities, commercial premises and domestic environments. In these situations, then, different needs have to merge: easy installation, good characteristics in terms of visibility and – why not – appearance.



Installing the equipment

Let's start wit the installation characteristics. If you want the best results from the standpoint of ease, speed and outcome, it is recommended to choose products equipped with inputs on all sides, for simpler installation. Mizar, for example, features five PG11/PG13.5 inputs, on the four sides and at the base, and the cable can be secured by means of cable glands. This way, highly flexible installation solutions can be obtained thanks to the possible power supply on each side, as well as to have the possibility to fit a through cable for a parallel power supply.




The ease with which the devices are secured is also important. The Mizar series features a slot at the back of the base, for fastening to nail or screw or, referring to the application that started this discussion, directly to scaffolding poles or piping, using one or two bands. For fixed applications – just as popular as the scaffolding ones – you can opt for permanent fixing by means of plugs. Isolating shields are also available, thanks to which there is a double isolation for protection against contacts with live parts for the operator during light bulb replacement.


Additional characteristics

We also need to take into consideration the IP Degree of Protection, in relation to the intended use. Mizar offers ceiling lights with IP44 and IP55. Lastly, the choice may fall on the diffuser material (polycarbonate or thermoplastic) and on the source of light (60 W for incandescent light bulbs or 9 and 9x2 W for fluorescent light bulbs, with various types of lamp holders). Try explaining to the less knowledgeable what is behind that lamp that signals the presence of scaffolding: he or she will be surprised.





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