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The installation of recharging stations along public roads and in city car parks means that users of electric vehicles will no longer be forced to always go to the same recharging points, as they will be able to choose from a vast network of recharging locations, just like a regular network of filling stations.

But the real heart of the matter is: how to recharge? And when to recharge?

Recharging can be slow (4-8 hours ) or fast (5-10 minutes) depending on the power delivered by the recharging station, while the daily recharging hours can be duly scheduled in the hours of low energy demand by the grid (i.e. night-time), so that users can have energy at lower costs and, most importantly, make better use of the energy produced by renewable sources (solar and wind), which, without the use of fleets of electric vehicles, may not be produced and consequently go unused!

Through a regular domestic connection (i.e. 3 kW installed power), one can recharge a battery in 5-10 hours, typically at night-time, with enough energy to travel 100 km (Recharging method 1 Standard EN 61851-1)

Batteries can also be recharged in duly equipped public areas (Recharging methods 3 Standard EN 61851-1) in order to extend the autonomy of electric vehicles during daytime parking as well; for example, it would not be too expensive to add electrical connections to car parks with high user density, such as car parks of companies, shopping malls, large administrative offices that cater to the public, schools, and so on.

In addition to Method 1 and Method 3 recharging systems, standard EN 61851-1 relating to recharging stations also provides for a "quick" recharging method, called Method 4, that allows for quick recharging in just a few minutes of up to 80% of the battery capacity.

The stations that can supply this type of fast recharging will be located at service stations, as they require special connections and high power for the recharging. A recharging station in direct current is much more complex and cumbersome compared to one in alternate current.

At present, the recharging stations in the planning can deliver direct current with power around 50kW (voltages of 400V and currents of 125A).


Recharging power can be classified in different macro categories (*):

Recharging speed


Typical connection

Distance travelled with 10 minutes of recharging

Complete recharging time


= 3.7 kW

AC 240V / 10-15A

Less than 2 km

Approx. 8 hours


3.7 – 22 kW

AC 240V / 80A
AC 240V / 16-32A

Up to 15 km

From 1 to 8 hours


22 – 43 kW

AC 40OV / 32-63A

Up to 30 km

From 30 min. to 1 hour


= 43 kW


More than 30 km

Up to 30 min.

(*) Approximate values, corresponding to a typical consumption of 125 – 180 Wh/km and battery capacity of 30 kWh)






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