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Founded over 50 years ago in the heart of Italy’s most important manufacturing district in the sector of electro-technical equipment, SCAME has always developed energy distribution products for industrial and domestic applications.

With a rich catalogue comprising 15,000 product references, SCAME operates in approximately 100 countries world wide, where it allows Italian experience in developing beautiful and efficient products to be appreciated.

On the strength of constant research and its ability to meet the changing needs of a constantly evolving market, today, through its partnership with COMELIT, an Italian example of excellence in the area of intercom systems and home automation, SCAME expands its already wide range of residential, English-standard flush-mounted series by introducing a complete and flexible range of home automation devices capable of ensuring a better and better quality of life, thanks to multiple functions that are always user-friendly.



In Italy, design and technology are commonplace, which is the reason why Opera Home automation meets all kinds of needs.

Perfect functionality and easy use, to fully take advantage of the technology developed over many years of experience.

The Made in Italy goes on stage, right in your own home.



A domotic system aims to simplify life.

This is why we have developed functions that are easy to program and use, capable of making available to you endless service possibilities that perhaps you may not have even imagined.

OPERA is a modular system that can be structured according to your needs.

Lighting management

A single “click” to configure all the lights in your home as you come in or go out: savings and convenience.

OPERA also gives you the possibility to pre-set lighting situations for any moment of the day, to be switched on through a single command from the switches that you yourself will choose.

  • Simplified management of all types of lighting: classic, dimmer, RGB coloured, timed or timeractivated
  • Switch-off during absence in conjunction with intruder alarm system sensors
  • Instant displaying of illuminated lights in every room, with the option of controlling them individually or by room
  • Setting of customised timers for each switch-on or by room
  • Option of choosing the status of each individual light in a scenario, to recreate situations with optimal lighting comfort


Load management

  • Automatic load management to prevent disconnection of the electricity meter
  • Option of selecting a list of loads which should be deactivated to prevent disconnection of the electricity meter
  • Option of temporarily removing individual loads from the disconnection list
  • Indication of load control function activation
  • Option of customising the disconnection time of each individual load
  • Checking of the power available in the system before load reactivation


Door and gate automation

All commands can be activated through programming or remote control, in order to solve any situation.

  • Individual or “by room” control of rolling shutters or automated openings
  • Setting of customised timers for each opening or by room
  • Entry of individual roller shutters in scenarios
  • Option of controlling Venetian blinds by adjusting the slats


Climate control

Managing the temperature inside your home represents one of the highest electrical costs: turning on the air-conditioner shortly before you come home improves the quality of life and reduces waste.

Just as it can be useful to air condition the sleeping quarters of your home during the night only.

With OPERA, it is easy to control the climate through single commands or commands included in the various scenarios.

  • Quick displaying of recorded and set temperature values in each individual room
  • Automatic mode for scheduling activations at different times, every day of the week
  • Countdown mode for achieving the ideal climate after an extended absence or to force a desired temperature in the event of non-programmed situations
  • Displaying of the daily graphic for the set scheduling
  • Reading and setting of the temperature, with precision to tenths of a degree
  • Easy and intuitive setting of weekly scheduling with a table summarising the settings
  • Option of setting a scenario with a different temperature for each of the controlled zones



Issuing commands must be simple, using the instruments must be intuitive, and the execution must be perfect.

Opera can be easily programmed, and you will be the one to decide the management level of the domotic functions.

From the control panels installed in your home or from your mobile devices, everything will be easy.


Opera switches

The simpler it is, the better it is.

A clean design that fits in well in any environment with no interference and operation that is always perfect.

With its light blue LED, also available in other colours, the Opera remote control accompanies you with elegance and simplicity in all domotic situations.

The large, soft-touch keys can turn on single functions or complex scenarios with a simple click.

Once it is programmed, the Opera switch puts your home at your service.


Minitouch and Cronotouch

MiniTouch is the compact home automation supervisor, the result of a design developed entirely in Italy.

MiniTouch offers simple, intuitive and efficient supervision for the operation of all systems and devices in the home, including heating, load control, automations and alarm systems.

  • Touch screen display
  • Integrated proximity reader, which can be used to activate scenarios with a simple swipe of the key
  • Built-in temperature sensor, which transforms MiniTouch into a thermostat
  • Magic light indicator, Led system that can be used to display active functions in real time (alarm, cooling or heating) by means of light projected onto the wall


Serial Bridge

Serial Bridge is the SimpleHome home automation supervisor used to manage your system wherever you are, directly from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

When you are in a rush, you might forget to switch off a light, to activate the intruder alarm system or to lower the temperature on the thermostat, etc...

Serial Bridge, which does not require any software or application installation, can be used to access your own system via a WEB page and control lights, open or close rolling shutters, activate or deactivate the climate control system, activate scenarios, and send any necessary commands, etc...



All the functions of the Home Automation system can be controlled from a softtouch keypad.

A control pushbutton with an elegant and discreet look that fits in well in any environment, embellished by the blue light of the LEDs that makes the panel always easy to find under all conditions of use.



Each setting is an emotionA domotic system offers the possibility to manage all home functions by switching them on using a single pushbutton.

This means that different actions that would normally be carried out manually and individually can now be grouped together.

Example: Scenario 1

Lighting deactivation; rolling shutter closure, temperature adjustment, gas and water solenoid valves shut off.

Example: Scenario 3

Rolling shutter opening and light activation, just as if someone was at home.

Example: Scenario 3

At 7:15 the roller shutters are opened and the rooms reach the ideal temperature, at 10:30 the sun awnings are lowered, at 18:00 the irrigation system is activated; at 22:00 the garden lights are switched on, the alarm is enabled, the sun awnings are retracted and the rolling shutters are closed; at 24:00 the washing machine starts in order to save time and money.



Perfect harmony

SCAME’s domotic program features an exceptional “engine”: all of the technology developed by COMELIT, an Italian company that for more than 50 years has been designing and building control systems featuring cutting-edge technology and widely appreciated for their reliability.

The meeting of these two brands makes it possible to offer a Made in Italy product with guaranteed quality.




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